when to dance:

6 10 2002

this is where i imagine the four of us, in each of our different colors–

migs: in the full sun, in a leafy field, under a cloud-whisked bluest sky
brightwing: the unfocused crosshatch of moonglow and electric lights
hawk: a misty dawn, in greyness just about to burst into diamond orange
me: the dark of my room when no one’s watching! (or maybe in front of the studio mirror with pictsy and jim and a warping tape of bagpipe music)

[2011 edit: this is probably as obscure as it gets–are any of these people even still using these names, and would they recognize even themselves in this characterization, let alone one another?]




4 responses

6 10 2002

Dance with me?
*reaches out hand*

6 10 2002

only in the dark, as well you know. dance? i don’t dance. i talk about dancing. i watch you and becky kick imaginary ass to the lords of acid. dance? but with you i’ll at least *consider* an exception.

7 10 2002

Re: *kiss*
excellent. we’ll do it gradually.
*looks both ways to assure no one watching – and leads you into the sunlight*
(listening to Loreena McKennitt – is good)

7 10 2002

Re: *kiss*
“i’m melting!”

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