breathing in

11 01 2003

good morning, my sundry lovelies. (jules, congrats on a joyful day and maybe even a sooner baby. migs, thanks for keeping us all a little more connected by dreaming as vividly as you do. beck, when you guys go to tell the warriors off i’ll be with you in spirit–feel my devotion to the cause and throw it at them for me, okay? sm, sometime when you can bear to step outside the vampiric cave into the sun’s rays, face the orb with your eyes closed, be still, and feel the distance–all 93 million miles–reaching out to wherever you are. those 93 million miles of paths are yours to tread, remember?)

it’s morning, bright as crystal without a drop of anything to catch the light and shoot it around the room, but i have a rainbow-maker of my own in my room to distribute colors nicely. i’ve got a cat sleeping on my left knee (she just settled down after kneading my belly for a while) and the laptop on the right one, singing to me in a string of voices. in the last 3 days i’ve written 20 pages of the 4th chapter of my thesis, so i’m feeling accomplished and motivated (even ‘though i have no idea what i’m going to write on page 21!) i’ve been eating good-for-me-food, getting at least a little exercise every day since i’ve been back here… the air is sweet and crisp and smells not even a little like exhaust, through the house i hear no traffic noises, my mom’s not here to be sick of me, roger bought me lunch thursday without being a jerk about a single thing, last night ty and i went to a pajama party and had baileys in our cocoa and talked about the eighties with our peers who can barely remember them, and life is nice, nice, nice. small towns forever, academic rather than corporate america, enough windows to see out of all four sides of the house… i’m pretty blissed. i don’t mean to brag–not everyone can be here, and i DO realize that not everyone WANTS to be, but i catch myself complaining still a little too often, and wanted to stop and do the opposite. just in case i’ve given you any differing impressions, what with all the bitching about how my mommy doesn’t love me and planning a wedding sucks (i think once the wedding’s over the mommy problems will mostly resolve themselves… mostly) you’ve heard if you’ve talked to me lately, i needed to correct the oversight. my life is beautiful.




2 responses

11 01 2003

yay! glad life is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

13 01 2003

you Never cease to Amaze me with your Beauty.
and it makes my heart smile to read how Happy you are.
i Love you so much.
and i will Absolutely channel you on the 18th. would be a fool not to.
be well, stay warm, and Appreciate the Beauty for me…..sometimes (all too often) i Forget to.
Always, me
ps–you and ty give each other hugs for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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