i do have a quandary, though.

11 01 2003

and i love when i throw these things out there to public opinion and hear back all about what everyone else would do in situations they’re never actually going to be in! šŸ™‚ here’s the current one: i’m working on a twisted version of the “changing my name when i get married” dilemma. specifically, i’m trying to decide what to do with my OTHER ones.

i made the decision to take O’Bryan. ultimately it’ll be easier than explaining to everyone forever “yes, he’s my husband, yes those are my children, no, i’m not mrs. o’bryan but yes this is still my house, phone line, car, credit card, etc.” too much shite to deal with–better to switch it once and then just stay put.

if i can learn how to sign the damn thing. two caps in a row and an apostrophe. every time i spell it on the phone i have to say “apostrophe.” šŸ™‚

the question is what to do with the REST of it. i don’t use my legal name. and i don’t like my legal name. so, logically, i shouldn’t KEEP my legal name, right? i should just pitch the dang thing and adopt tyra, since it’s what i want to be called, and leave it at that. but it’s still complicated–a) because it’ll hurt my mother’s feelings, and the way she’s been acting lately one more wrong move is going to get me disowned as is, and b) because then there’s a spelling problem. if i change it, i’m most likely going to have to change how i spell it. or else i spend the rest of my life saying “no, even thought it LOOKS like the y in ty and it LOOKS like the y in o’bryan, it’s really a short ‘i’.” pain in the ass, again. so then i’m at changing my last name AND my first name, and not even to what i’ve been signing for ten years but to something else again, and learning to sign both of them (that double-cap is difficult, people)… and then what the heck do i do about middle names? do i keep twomey, in adherence with old tradition, family ties, and the fact that it’s the irishest and sounds the coolest? do i keep eshelle instead because my mother made it up for me and would be happier if i kept it (even though i never particularly liked that either–she likes it b/c it sounds girly and french, and she was a french major. i’m indifferent to french and contradictory as hell about girly)? do i put tish in the middle instead? do i change my middle name to “ack”? šŸ™‚

Tira O’Bryan

can i DO that? will i even recognize myself? will anybody else recognize me? will my stubborn hands not put the y where they think it belongs? i really just wasn’t thinking this through when i got to college and picked up a nickname. šŸ™‚

besides (see, this just keeps being confused) if i keep the “twomey” then i DO have an “ee” y–then i have one of each no matter what i do. although the e on it makes it a little more straightforward, and most people ignore middle names anyway…


so what would YOU name me? i’m your new cabbage patch doll………..




2 responses

11 01 2003

I choose Snugglebear O’Bryan….. JK!!
Actually my _real_ vote is for either Tyra Twomey O’Bryan (every name has a “y” then) or
Tyra Eshelle Twomey O’Bryan two middle names are okay. names are cool. šŸ™‚ and my vote goes for spelling Tyra how you are used to spelling it – It’s your name – pooh on “typical” spellings.

13 01 2003

i agree with meg–snugglebear it is.
*ack* i just typed “snugglebear.” :p ;}
actually, no, i agree with “ack.” no wait, thats not it either…. :}
seriously though, i agree with either tyra twomey o’bryan or tyra eshelle twomey o’bryan. then we could call you “teto” šŸ™‚ (ok, so some more joking crept in there…) i agree that you should go with what you like, and what sounds good to you, and people can Deal with having to learn how to spell your name. WE did–and we Adore you just the way you are–complicatedness and all! šŸ™‚
personally, i think tyra eshelle twomey o’bryan is Beautiful. just like you. long, yes. but Very Elegant and Very Irish and Very Fairy Queen šŸ™‚ which you Are. and you wouldnt have to sign them all, all the time, they would just all be there. and you could sign them sometimes. (like i hardly ever use my middle name, but i do sometimes.) most of the time, you could be tyra o’bryan, and the rest could be for Important uses šŸ™‚
but, like i know you will, choose whatever calls to YOU. YOU, after all, must be the one that lives with your choice!
whatever you choose, we will Love šŸ™‚

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