4 02 2003

they want me.
they want to give me money.
and a ta position.
they’re offering me a fellowship for 2 of the 4 years i’d be there, a teaching position for the other 2…
and they want me to visit so bad they’re offering to pay for my hotel room and my airfare.
this was not what was supposed to happen. a) i don’t think they have a place for ty, or they’d have said something by now (they do this sooner than other schools). b) we really had our hearts set on texas… and we don’t know when we’ll hear from them, or from the others. but c) PH says “GO.” PH (my thesis-director, my writing-program director, my mentor in the business, my absolute idol) practically shakes me by the shoulders and says “you must GO.” he says the people there–esp. the woman making me the offers–are the best people in this field anywhere, and that it’s the best program out there. PH almost says “fly, you fools” like gandalf.
it’s very cold in syracuse.
if they don’t have anything for ty, and other people do, we can’t. but they’re the best. and i want the best, don’t i?
we can afford the houses. they have pretty houses. old houses. houses of the type that don’t exist anywhere in northern virginia… houses with fireplaces and old, soft rooms and big windows that open and close on wooden tracks.
no one’s ever offered to pay my way anywhere just to meet me.
i don’t know that anyone will ever do it again.




One response

4 02 2003

go and meet them see if you like it there. that will make a big difference i think.
how cool for them to pay! if they want you so bad to fly you there tell them to come up with some thing for ty.
cold = more tea to drink. 🙂

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