king of england

15 05 2003

when the sun comes out i feel like it’s a little too bright for the chilliness that gathers in the shadows of wherever i am. when it goes behind the haze again i miss it, and fear to become more hazy than i’ll remember how to recover from. either way, i’m after something different, and i don’t know what it is.
i have NOTHING to complain about. i also, probably, really just don’t have enough to do. i’m always melancholy when i have only almost enough to do to keep me busy. i go to great lengths to procrastinate and then realize i’m not even putting off anything significant… and then i blame the weather. 🙂
maybe i’m just confused by the fact that i’m getting married in nine days and i don’t have anything really important to DO about that except count.
i suppose i could practice walking in a straight line? putting on lipstick? some girly thing… >shrug<
i’m just rambling. in case y’all couldn’t pick up on that. alone in the house with the cats and the stereo isn’t working so all my music’s through laptop speakers and i’ve already done the dishes and if i read another sharon kay penman book without some kind of diversion to intervene, i’m going to turn into a king of england.
some days even I can’t make sense of whatever i say.




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15 05 2003

Some days things just don’t make sense.
Nothing to practice. give yourself permission to relax. find other interesting books. buy strange stuff off ebay. suggest names for my kittens. make lists. Sew pretty things. go for a walk.

15 05 2003

hmm. ixnay on the ebay. i’m close enough to broke already! 🙂
names for pairs of kittens (are they boys are girls?)
sewing? who you talking to? i had a scamper rather than a walk through puddles and the pouring rain to go fetch my co-worker’s kids from the sitter–that was, at least, a measure of adventure. rain is better. it has focus, direction; it doesn’t BROOD but DOES something. i’ll take a lesson. 🙂

16 05 2003

sewing – um i guess im talking to me – i have this cross stitch i have been meaning to do forever…

16 05 2003

yeah, i have two of those. one’s a dragon from my first stint in college. the other’s a wizard from my second. i don’t forsee finishing either of them. probably ever, since my wrists hurt when i do detail work for long anymore. 😦 know anybody who wants to finish some cross-stitches?
hey, meg, the kittens. boys or girls? i can’t pick good names unless i know which sets of characters and attributes to go pouring through!

16 05 2003

little male kitties.
one black with kinda black stripes – textury very energetic mews a lot
one grey and fluffy with white collar, belly and front paws. calmer.

16 05 2003

stop and go.
twilight and midnight.
salt and pepper.
rock and roll.
fire and brimstone.
castor and pollux.
albert and einstein.
alex and ander.
clark kent and lex luthor.
pomp and circumstance.
wit and wisdom.
bass and treble.
hm. i don’t have any good story twins really anyway. one of all the good pairs of story twins is always dying, causing the other one grief and then empowerment. i wouldn’t want to wish that on your kittens.
ron and harry. (weasley and potter, of course)
spencer and milton. (you can go literary)
pong and frogger. (old school video games?)
abra and cadabra. (could be dangerous)
void and nimbus. (that’ll sound deep and mysterious)
granite and obsidian. (mm. rocks.)
richard and henry. (kings of england!)
sebastian and johannes. (:-P)
devil and deep blue sea. (i had to have something with blue in it!)
dark and stormy night. (again, literary)
it’s a start, anyway…. 🙂

15 05 2003

or, since its all about me, you could draw me a picture or write me a letter or a poem or something :}
or, if you insist on doing things for yourself (*mock sigh*) you could do all those wonderful things that meg suggested. or you could play dress up and do your hair and makeup just so you’ll know what you look like that way and wont scare yourself or feel so unlike yourself on your wedding day! 🙂
i picked up necklaces and earrings for us grrls last night–very pretty and very elegant. 🙂 we will all just be the talk of the town–and you, or course, will be our Queen. 🙂
Love you, darlin…. and i cant wait to see you…

15 05 2003

playing at Queen around you is like being a minor sprite fearing being caught stealing Titania’s feathered scepter… does she GIVE permission to have her thunder borrowed, i wonder? and do you? i’ll work on that poem. i started it long, long ago. *hug*

15 05 2003

methinks the lady doth flatter too much…..;}
i am Honored, as ever, Love. but dont you Dare, for one Second, believe that you are Anything less than my Queen–anything less than Goddess.
and i Adore you.

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