so we’ve broken down and put the heat back on…

18 05 2003

because it’s like 52 in the house. i KNOW it wasn’t anywhere near this cold last may. we were out every morning, taking walks in the sunshine, making plans, plotting futures, dreaming of beaches because the sun invited the dreams… the rain makes rings and chains of circles in the puddles that our front walk has become, and it reminds me of ireland, reminds me of new england, paints a chilly, damp future with vibrant greens at the exact reality of their cloudy cost. there’s a romantic melancholy to it all, of course, but i was rather hoping to spend a little longer in the warm, sunny south before making that grey mist my home! still, there’s a difference to look forward to–the fireplace here is bricked up against the irresponsibility of college student renters, but the irish countryside always smells of burning peat, each pub’s fireplace crackles, and all of the houses in syracuse have their own. we’ll burn wood like our ancestors, and theirs, back as far as cavemen noticing the forgiving warmth given off by a terrifying strike of stormy spring lightning, and if it does a little damage to the ozone layer, we’ll be sorry, but not sorry enough to stop… when everybody else gives up driving, THEN i’ll worry about the moral ignominy of keeping warm with a natural fire.




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