BUT (there’s always room for optimism)

21 05 2003

i keep forgetting, and then remembering again, and feeling better…
there is a THEME to this wedding, after all,

and the Celts can do ANYTHING in the rain!




8 responses

21 05 2003

*Fondly remembers William Wallace and Murron riding off into the rain on their first date*
So romantic! *sigh*

21 05 2003

in addition to “perfect girlfriend” i want to add “perfect chickfriend” to your list of attributes. you ALWAYS know what to say!

23 05 2003

Awww shucks

21 05 2003

yeah baby!
I’d like to do it in the rain!!! 😉

21 05 2003

damn fuckin straight! (me, i dont always know what to say, but i’ll say whatever it is with feeling!) ;}

21 05 2003

Does this mean I should bring my kilt & cloak instead of my jacket & slacks?

21 05 2003

by all means.
it’s not specifically a garb wedding, but it’s certainly not specifically NOT a garb wedding, either. there will be at least 5 kilts there (the piper and the wedding party) and a few other people have threatened? to wear theirs–you won’t be out of place! and you might be cozier and more comfortable!

21 05 2003

hooray kilts!!

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