the sun’s been shining, shining, shining…

25 05 2003

most of you know first hand, since you were here, but if you don’t…
the weather was beautiful and we had a lovely, love-filled, perfectly fabulous wedding, and reception, and post-wedding dinner at macado’s, and morning-after brunch back at the pond…
thanks to everyone for the love and support that got us this far, and for all the love we’ll be sharing in the future!
married-tyra. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ok, married-tyra 1.o <–2011 edit]




3 responses

25 05 2003

it was wonderful!
hope your sunburn gets better soon!
mine is still a bit pink!

26 05 2003

Glad the weather turned out well and you had a wonderful time. Here’s wishing you well in your new married-tyra life.

27 05 2003

me <——couldnt be happier!!!
it couldnt have been a better, more Beautiful day 🙂 fitting. :}
Love you, girl. hope youre having a Magical, Wonderful, Love-filled time in eire!

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