a recommendation

8 07 2003

for your birthday, you should come have janet make you birthday toast. she makes the best french toast ever. and it comes with real maple syrup, a candle to blow out, and singing!

still, it’s not quite a birthday unless rob reads “birthday monsters.” before we leave, i should go put in my request. šŸ™‚




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8 07 2003

Wheee! Happy Birthday!

8 07 2003

Merry and Wonderful B-DAy to thee my dear . . . drag Ty away from the project long enough to celebrate properly for me, would you? =;-}

8 07 2003

too tired.
and it’s too… sticky out. i don’t know how you kids managed in this weather!
but i never got my cake tonight either, since i’m too tired for that too, so maybe we can stretch birthday joyfully into tomorrow? šŸ™‚
cross your fingers for me. sometimes every little bit of luck counts!

8 07 2003

today is the 8th isnt it. of july.
for the love of goddess will someone PLEASE tell me these things before they happen??!!
im sorry Love!! i wasnt paying a bit of attention and all of a sudden its your birthday day!! so, without further stupidity and brain frazzled-ness on my part:
couldnt be Happier that youre in the world!!! šŸ™‚
Hope you have a Beautiful, Peaceful, Love-filled day!
Love you! me

8 07 2003

Happy Birthday!! *hugs*

9 07 2003

so i left you a birthday well wishing on your answering machine at home. ( if you ever go back to bburg! šŸ™‚ )
happy bday!

9 07 2003

i’m here, i’m here! šŸ™‚ thank you for the wishing! it doesn’t sound like you on the machine (nothing ever does… i think those things are all pre-programmed with distorting devices, perhaps on the belief that everyone secretly wants to be a spy), so i’m very glad to know who loves me! šŸ™‚

9 07 2003

I’m a #1 super spy! (super spy)

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