17 08 2003

getting sick the day before i have to spend all day on campus for the first time here: sucky.
burning my tongue on chicken soup b/c i won’t wait for it to cool: stupid.
me, because i keep burning it: stubborn.
spending a day and a half with my mom and brother here visiting: stupendous.
the noise the new finches make: silly.
the decision to buy finches: (almost) spontaneous.
the cat’s claws when she jumps on my back to try to get closer to the finches: sharp.
hanging on the porch w/brek and one of ty’s guitars: sonorous.
our trek through the park past the ampitheater: shakespearian. (there was a free festival happening and midsummer’s playing)
mexican fish taco take-out from alto cinco: savory.
the ambiance at ten yesterday morning during the dark thunderstorm: streetlit.
brek without coffee in the morning: somnolent.
the amount of coffee 4 of us can drink in 2 mornings (with cappuccino-maker, too!): super-sized.
windows in the Hall of Languages where we were tresspassing: superb.
me doing thank-you-cards (finally): studious (kind of)
cats as they lean off the dining room table to stare at the finches: stupified.
my darling husband, who went to the bookstore to buy me a book to console me through sickness: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

these adjectives brought to you (somewhat creatively) by the letter “s.”




7 responses

18 08 2003

Attending Community Day: Priceless.
(P.S.–you owe J & M $2 @)

25 08 2003

your mom coming to visit (surely she didn’t drive?!) : shocking. (well, not that she’s visiting you, but that she’s visiting you and youre so far away).
Love you!

25 08 2003

yeah, i know. i was floored.
i told her i was very, very proud of her. she still says next time she’s flying. 🙂
p.s. hi, where’ve you been? 🙂

25 08 2003

i went camping. didnt you read my post? silly girl.
ps– hi 🙂

25 08 2003

maybe it was so long ago that i forgot, okay?
i’ve had 2 parental visits since then–one of each type! it’s enough to fog anybody’s brain. and i was sick, and i read a lot of books, and wrote 15 or 20 new pages of fiction, and read a lot of peoples’ posts, and did a lot of chatting, and it feels like a Very Long Time!
you have some very interesting friends, btw.

25 08 2003

no worries, darlin, im not snippin at you :}
which friends, specifically?

25 08 2003

didn’t feel sniped. was just fussing cuz it’s fun sometimes. 🙂

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