gate E

21 08 2003

met a total stranger today.

walked around w/a goal in common (the mysterious location of the temporary student ID office) and chatted w/him for a good half-hour about all sorts of random things.

only ever got his first name (joe) and a department–no last name, no major, no way to track him down again even if i want to (okay, it’s not totally impossible, and i’m going to see what the university directory can find for me, just b/c i can… and b/c it WOULD be nice to know someone at this school who’s NOT in my department!) but at least no particular need to succeed, no being-disappointed if i never see this guy again.

and it was very refreshing, having a conversation with someone i had NO artificial connections with (like: we’re in the same department, so we MUST be great friends, even if we’re totally different people… i’ve met great people that way, it’s not a complaint. but it’s a very different kind of circumstance, with a different feel to it.) and no obligations to stay friends with (see above, or like our next-door neighbors. who are also fabulous, but that’s also not the point.)… it was very… delintian, if i can pretend that’s a word. makes campus seem much more inviting in my head.

total randomness is a very good thing. πŸ™‚




3 responses

22 08 2003

um . . .
you sure he’s not in your dept???

22 08 2003

Re: um . . .
MY department has names and pictures and other dorky things online. he’s from the school of “information studies.” halleluiah.
unless you meant department in a type-sort-of-way, which would be a whole other question. πŸ™‚
or are you just mocking me for saying that twice? do keep in mind that “department” is the only social or professional category i have to classify people i know–cuz they’re the only people i know. it’s not dead-horse beating, it’s just a total lack of other examples to offer!

22 08 2003

Re: um . . .
Yes, but we have spies *everywhere*…

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