i’m so proud!

25 08 2003

in the last 3 days i’ve actually written 17 pages or so of NEW stuff for the not-quite-book… which doesn’t maybe sound that impressive unless i tell you that i haven’t created any significant new content in probably two years–all the stuff up, and going up recently, has just been the product of one last, recent bout of editing and re-arranging.

this is so exciting.

must sit on bits for a while so i’m not hasty about posting them. maybe edit some more. and re-arrange. but the project is alive and kicking again, it’s not just me messing around with something i used to do!




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26 08 2003

go you! that IS Exciting! i can’t wait to read!!! πŸ™‚

26 08 2003

17 pages in 3 days! That does sound impressive to me. My target is 5 a week, which is granted a slow target, but still. I’ve started reading; is it supposed to be read in the order on the page (which has dates jumping all over the place)? Is this the intended format, or are these pieces that you’re stitching together.
I am such a mercenary btw. The moment you said you had the beginnings of a novel openly on the web I was stunned, since that’ll probably interfere with selling first North American publishing rights. Hard to get through my head that people might create things without an eye to the money…. πŸ˜€
For me, when I say “I want to write” I mean I want to write for money. When I say “I want to build things” I mean I want to build things either cheaper or better (or more to my liking) than I could buy. When I say “I want to photograph” I mean that I want to fill my or other people’s walls with beautiful things. Everything in my life seems to revolve around its usefulness for other things. Its so alien to see things created for the sake of the creation.
I guess that’s why I never make private LJ entries. If I’m not speaking to others, why am I writing? I know there are good reasons for private writings, but for me a journal is meant to be read, if not as it is written, at least in the future. So I always write that way.

26 08 2003

hmm. so many tangents to take up. you’re not only ridiculously smart, you wring it out of the rest of us! πŸ™‚
17 pgs in 3 days isn’t impressive compared to probably 3 pgs in the last 2 years… πŸ™‚ but i also have (knock on wood now that school’s starting) fewer distractions right now and i’m motivated by the fact that people are watching me!
as far as publishing rights… a) i don’t think anyone would WANT to publish this stuff, and b) it’s on a private site–i need to bug cael about passwording it now that i have so much stuff up, because i’d be PISSED if somebody ELSE got it published. i don’t think it’s worth 30 cents, but i’d be mad if somebody else took my 30 cents! i write b/c the voices are in my head anyway, though. when i draw, it’s b/c i feel like making lines, creating impressions. i build things as often to see if it’ll work as to create something truly useful. it’s FUN! πŸ™‚
my writing is first for myself (whether stories or scenes or poems or journals), and then for others–analyzing utility comes after. the act of creation is for its own sake. then i go “what can i do with this?” sometimes the answer is “send it off and try to get it published” (no one ever says “yes”). sometimes it’s “file it away and pretend i never wrote it!” this time, it was “entertain my friends.” i COULD pitch this to the public (and probably be ignored), but i know that the only audience i’ve really had in mind all along as i’ve been writing is the other people who know just how close this stuff is to NOT being fictional… i don’t know if i’d really WANT it read by anybody who thought it was strictly a fantasy. they wouldn’t “get” it.
in terms of the notion of the distiction between public and private writing for journal entries and such, i guess i don’t distinguish as much as you do b/c i’m honestly interested in what other people think about the things running through my head sometimes. in jr. high we used to sit on the phone w/other people for hours at a time talking about NOTHING. he said/she said stuff from school. the videos on mtv right that second. whatever flitted across our minds. now i have lots of academic conversations that are all very Serious at school, and at home ty and i talk a lot about logistics and home repairs, and the kind of casual closeness i used to get from those phone calls i get through the rambling interchanges i have w/people in those entries.
hmmmmm. after a first day at phd school, it’s so nice to talk about concrete things and tactile ideas with a still-alive human in words that don’t take up half the page apiece. yummy. πŸ™‚

26 08 2003

(see, you ask so many questions at once, i can’t help but forget one)
read bits of story in any order at all. i always intended for it to be scrambled. then the internet made that even easier. now i don’t even have to decide what order to scramble it INTO. πŸ™‚
(i think i addressed that on the index pg. under some disclaimer or another, but i don’t know if anybody actually reads those things)

26 08 2003

Re: p.s.
Yeah, I noticed the RTFM right before I came over and saw your reply about it…. oops… πŸ™‚ More careful reading vileone, more careful reading.

28 08 2003

ooh ooh
I’dlove to read it sometime!

28 08 2003

Re: ooh ooh
migs, darling,
i posted the link in my journal 2-3 weeks ago specifically so you COULD read it.
pay attention. sheesh. someone would think you were busily planning a wedding or something.

28 08 2003

Re: ooh ooh
oops… πŸ™‚
thanks for letting me know again..

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