little happy morning things

27 08 2003

i like mornings. especially these kind, the ones before i have a lot of school work yet to do, the ones that are still summery and beautiful and kind, when i can get up out of bed, and do a few sit-ups, and clean up after the cats, and feed the finches, and pack tyger’s lunch, and bring in the trash cans, and water the new grass with the new hose, and boil the nasty kitchen sponges, and then put the kettle on for tea and retire to my office, with a window open beside me and the door onto the back porch open across the room, and the maple leaves fluttering jauntily in the morning breeze, and the sun on the neighbor’s weeds and rosebushes, and settle in at my computer to do some writing with a cuppa roibis, feeling like i’ve gotten up, done some stuff, and earned these reflective moments for myself–and it’s still only 9:30 in the morning!
(::purrs in a very self-satisfied way::)




3 responses

27 08 2003

one could say, youre feeling snug in accomplishment and enjoyment and readiness for the day? :}

27 08 2003

Good heavens! I was lying abed at 9:30 contemplating getting up…or not…

27 08 2003

I always wanted to be a morning person. Can you teach me?

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