music without words

29 08 2003

please recommend: music w/o words

i’m looking for music you like that hasn’t any words (or at least not words in english!); if i try to read boring things (and i’ve recently inherited a great many of them) with music-with-words-i-understand playing, i pay attention to the more interesting songwords instead of the more boring pagewords.

if i read with no music, i’m noticing, i sing nonsense songs like a 2-year-old and check my mail a lot b/c i can’t focus this entire mad swirly brain on one thing only.

help, help!




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29 08 2003

any amount of classical music…. handel’s messiah, holst’s planets, mozart’s watermusik (i believe it was by mozart, and thats how you spell it…)
you could make a mix of non-word songs by your favorite celtic musicians…
there are probably comilations of celtic harp music, etc…
i could come and hum to you….. ;}
good luck sweetie!

29 08 2003

that was supposed to be “comPilations”….

29 08 2003

i like that last option by FAR the best.
esp. since it’s hard to download mozart. you never know whose crack-inspired rendition you’re going to stumble across…
if you come hum me mozart, i’ll buy you crack. πŸ™‚
(i wonder what the new marshmallow is these days…)

29 08 2003

mmmm…..purple horseshoes and green clovers…. maybe it’s black cauldrons? πŸ™‚
as for humming mozart, i probably could…but it would be a little free-form. :}
yeah, downloading music is always tricky…. maybe you could make a mix cd for yourself or get someone to make you one?

29 08 2003

I come in here to reply to an empty post, go to actually hit the respond button, and you’ve got two . . .
ANYWHO . . . Yeah Tyra, she’s got the same info I would have said, either classical or gaelic – mix and match your own

29 08 2003

Re: w.e.n.c.h.
haha… i win πŸ™‚

29 08 2003

Re: w.e.n.c.h.
i know that. conceptually. i’m using up all my research skills on this phd shit. what’s in your collection?

29 08 2003

Maybe you should stock up on movie scores.
I usually listen to my Arabic pop when I’m reading, but I guess you don’t have much of that. πŸ™‚
I read an entire book once to “Figlio Perduto” by Sarah Brightman (by Beethoven). It’s in Italian.
I bet Mediaeval Baebes would be good.
For instrumentals I like Tori’s “All the Girls Hate Her” and “Over It”, Metallica’s “Call of Ktulu” and “Orion”, The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack, the Braveheart soundtrack, and various stuff by Loreena McKennitt. Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony “From the New World” kicks ass too.

29 08 2003

Classical Guitar?
I’ve got some classical guitar I picked up at faire this spring… I think I’ve got something else, but darned if I can remember right now… Where’s the best place to send it? (I got your change of address note, but don’t have it in front of me…) What format do you prefer?

29 08 2003

Re: Classical Guitar?
are we talking about virtual addresses and virtual formats, or actual physical snail addresses and some form of recording music on pieces of plastic? πŸ™‚
e-mail i still get through my vt account b/c the computing people at syr are totally useless, and i have a great many mp3s (although that’s usually easier over aim depending on mailbox quotas–don’t know if i have one)
snail i’m at 111 avondale pl. syracuse ny 13210 and have both tape- and cd players in my office, although the cd plays inside my computer and allows for ripping and burning–woo-hoo! (technological piracy rocks!)
you’re the greatest!

29 08 2003

Personally I use things with lots of repetition for this kind of stuff. Most electronica is good; trance is better. Philip Glass is good.
Classical can be ok, but most of it is much too emotional and dynamic for me to ignore. If classical is any good, it is meant to be appreciated. Trance music is built to be ignored.
Classical guitar, though, can be extremely soothing and focusing without the distraction of a full string section.

30 08 2003

Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano. Take Five.
During the day and evening the local NPR station (not WRVO at 90.3–the other one–91.3, I think?) plays good jazz and classical. I’ve relied on that a lot up in that particular neck o’ the woods.

30 08 2003

excellent. i shall try to compel the antenna on the radio in my office to get radio stations other than “the best of the 60s, 70s, and 80s,” which is great to sing along with housecleaning to but otherwise can drive one mad in mere moments. πŸ™‚ thanks!

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