front-wheel drive

25 09 2003

…is our new cat’s primary mode of operation.

which is VERY silly to watch. he’ll leap for the bed, half-way miss, and drag himself up by his front claws, forgetting that he HAS back legs and thereby forgetting to use them. he’ll be lying on the bed and go to chase the bed-mice (the kind that burrow underneath the covers and resemble hands and feet) and flop around really stupidly b/c he can’t reach them and can’t remember how to get up and go get them. he’ll go to leap into the window and forget to BEND the back ones, so he thumps them into the sill. he’ll start racing across the hardwood floor and when he starts to slip the front legs will give up and skid but the last ones just keep pedaling.

he’s not paralyzed. i swear. most of the time all four legs move just fine. but there’s some kind of cognitive disconnect whereby it’s possible for him to control half of his body with no association to the other half.

it’s slightly pathetic, seriously funny, and worrisome; come winter, if we throw him out into the snow, will he have the traction to make it back to the house?




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