hallucinogen, anyone?

13 10 2003


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

…interesting that when you click the box for “cities” as the thing you hate, you get a head that looks like a highrise skeleton…

then again, it’s a good graphic to talk about dreams through:

i had weird dreams last night. in the first one, pdxstraycat and i were living in some house by a lake that looked suspiciously like solitude, and julesk and wahyagar moved in next door (which was in another house that looked similar) which was more like halfway around the lake, and inside where wahyagar was showing me around there were these white shelves stuck into the ceiling–not very useful. and then i was tired, and because they lived next door it was the same thing as living in the same house because my neighbors in Syracuse in the real world have this weird thing where 3 houses in a row on my street are kind of a commune and everybody takes turns cooking, and lives in each others’ houses, so i think i assumed, in the dream, that that was a standard form of what “next door” meant, so i went to bed with wahyagar (“bed” being a location, not an action). (i think j was tired already and on the couch. and i don’t know where that baby was. he wasn’t in the dream. this wasn’t the baby dream.)

and then tyger came in, and took his clothes off cuz he was coming to bed too. and i started to say “you can’t do that, this is todd’s bed (i guess todd was in the bathroom or something), but then i thought, “no, it’s todd. he won’t mind.” so then all the boys were in the bed. i win again!

THIS is the baby dream:
i was at a party with lots of people. it resembled in many ways the One True Party (i must miss you folks in spirit). in any case, the One True Janet was letting me hold the One True Chris, and i was pretty happy about that. we were in some foresty-parky place and there was a restaurant/clubhouse around the way somewhere, and Janet asked if i’d go get her a glass of water, and i said “sure,” and took the One True Chris with me b/c i didn’t want to put him down. and for some reason “around the bend” was far enough away and complicated enough that i thought it would be easier to take the car. and metalmonkey came with me b/c it wasn’t my car and maybe help would make it easier to drive? so we went all over. ALL over. with an armful of warm, heavy baby-Chris. and finally found the place, and there was much shopping there, and it was something like a cross between a Friendly’s and a video arcade and a Cracker Barrel store, and it was very confusing, and i wanted to buy anime but they only had book 3 of Mars, not 2, and i wasn’t going to get them out of order. so we started back for the park (i suppose we achieved the quest for water… i don’t really know), and couldn’t get out of the parking lot, and then were on a road, and we were trying to get up this hill, and the car was suddenly a stick-shift, and i couldn’t shift and move my feet fast enough and steer with the baby still in my arms, and the car was sliding backwards, and a cop was coming over the hill, and i remember telling bob “i can’t stop!” and it was scary, b/c i knew even if we didn’t die, we’d get arrested, and then i’d never get the water back to Janet…
and then it was like a shift in a movie-scene, we were finally back at the park, and we walked into this party, and we’d been gone so long that everyone there was old, and they were showing a scratchy old home-movie of the party we’d left, and there was a banner up that said “happy 105th birthday, owen!” (b/c the baby had turned from Chris into Owen, who’s the baby of a guy i know at work)… which maybe means i’m obsessed w/babies, and maybe means i’m not ready to hold one all the time w/o panic and disaster, and maybe means that i secretly think metalmonkey would be a good person to have by one’s side in moments of panic and disaster (and random quests for water and anime)

which is still better than the OTHER dream, which involved a bunch of people at this crazy, overcrowded water-park, and i knew a lot of them, and some of them were ranagar’s family, and his children were there (one of them was somehow a girl) and all the kids were throwing billiard-balls around the swimming pool, which had all these weird metal grates and ladders all over it… i tried to tell them to be careful, and then i dropped a billiard-ball into the pool, but then i saw that everyone else was doing it too, so it was okay (i think cael’s new family was there too).

and then i woke up for a minute, and fell back asleep again, and in that part of the dream, i was painting ranagar’s eyelids with bronze and bright-green eyeshadow. only i can’t remember if it was a line of green along his eyelashes and the rest bronze, or the other way around. but it was very friendly and intimate in a totally non-sexual way, and no one seemed to mind, us included, and what in the HELL is that about?

i suppose this is what you get when you paint your bedroom over the weekend and despite your best efforts to leave the windows open, are still sleeping in residual paint-fumes.




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14 10 2003

You’re going to give me a run for my money in crazy dreamland… No new dreams here… except the one where i dreamt i called jules to ask if she wanted to go ggarage saling, but when i picked up the phone tim was talking on it, so i told him to ask todd if jules wanted to go, but she said she had to do something with her sister for yule – which i thought of as kinda strange it being october – at which point i realized i was dreaming and tried to wake up cause jules and i had actually talked about going garage saling the next day and if i woke up for real i could call her, and then the phone rang – ( for real and it was jules)

14 10 2003

Re: Nice!
that’s dizzying.
you’re so lucky having playmates right next door. it’s been since, like, college that i woke up and the phone rang and it was who i was dreaming about talking to b/c everything was so immediate and intertwined. it’s more likely to be that i dream of wierd people i haven’t seen in years and couldn’t call if i wanted to. but it’s always nice when people i know and like show up in them instead!

14 10 2003

oh and…
?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? brought to you by Quizilla

14 10 2003

Re: oh and…
a good response to a dream-message, huh? cool! ‘cept i don’t see you as in the darkness much. wanting to be out the window, certainly. but you’re not the type to have only one window, so even when you’re IN, it’s bright where you are. happier than the real morpheus, for sure!

14 10 2003

Re: oh and…
maybe the picture is a dark room of everyone else staring into my window where it’s bright! πŸ™‚

14 10 2003

“i secretly think metalmonkey would be a good person to have by one’s side in moments of panic and disaster”
you would be Right. he Is.

17 10 2003

see, and he tried to argue with me.
HAH! now it’s an argue w/WE, little-buddy. πŸ™‚

14 10 2003

oh ye of too-much faith. i’m no more handy than anyone else. ;p

17 10 2003

there’s a whole world of clutzy and ridiculous “anyone else’s” out there whom i’d MUCH LESS like to crash someone else’s imaginary car with than you.
anyway, silly, don’t bash free faith (since i can’t test out the theory anyway, being far away and thus unlikely to be able to demand your handiness be demonstrated anytime in the near future)!

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