happy halloween, y’all

31 10 2003

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31 10 2003

My lab is so boring. At least at Draper a few dozen people would dress up. Today there was me in the pirate outfit and one guy dressed up as Elwood Blues, and that’s all I’ve seen so far. Ah well, halloween at salem should be fun.
I made apple pies and carved pumpkins with my roommates last night 🙂 Happy Halloween!

31 10 2003

have a good time, eh? 🙂
we’re doing the dept. party here b/c we have the closest house to campus, so there are filament-webs with plastic spiders all over the house, and my fellow susan brought over these cool crayola window markers and we drew peeky-eyes and pumpkins and tombstones and ghosts in all the windows…
and today it’s 70 out and brightly sunny and the sun in all the fake webbing is really quite pretty and utterly wrong for the mood! 🙂

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