21 11 2003

not exactly what he told her, but how i would have said it:

The awful truth.

Don’t read this. It will go better
For us both if you escape somehow
The doom-bell toll of comprehension;
Nothing is worse than knowing this:
The only way to have made it right
Was to make it wronger faster;
Each successful concordance served
To higher brick the wall between
That long-gone present-tense and
Where we find ourselves:
I needed you to stay mysterious.

the other part of my brain does still work, you know. i’m not only an academic drone with fleeting, pictsy-inspired flashes of procrastination. 🙂




7 responses

24 11 2003

you Never cease to Amaze me.

24 11 2003

i sorta thought you might be one of those people out there to whom this wee little ditty would speak to.
the poet has spoken.
i shall endeavor to amaze you for as long as we both shall live. even, sometimes, in poetry.

24 11 2003

you dont need to endeavor, Love. Just Be. 🙂
so you gonna have any relaxing/free time for you this “holiday” weekend, or are you Seriously up to your eyeballs in your projects?

24 11 2003

oh, i’m always up to my eyeballs in projects. we’re toying w/the idea of going wine-tasting w/my neighbors on sunday anyway. wanna come? 🙂

24 11 2003

haha…. didnt know you were that big a fan of wine…? are you going to a winery or just out to a restaurant? one near my parent’s house does that every so often–a wine tasting dinner. is it like that?
wish i could love, wish i could….

24 11 2003

i’m not that big a fan of wine. i’m not any fan of wine. usually i like the pink ones. sometimes the white ones. the red ones give me headaches. but there are many many vinyards (w/tours and tasings and the whole shebang) up here, and going to one or another (or an all-day visit to all of them on a drunk-bus–not the plan!) is something that ppl here DO… and our neighbors are awesome, and they know which ones they like, and just think it’s fun to go, so they invited us along. it’ll be interesting. esp. since the weather prediction currently is for snow this weekend. (it changes quickly & often, though, so it’s way too early to base a plan on it!) 🙂
c’mon, i need you to taste all the red ones, while i’m on pink-and-white (helen swears you hafta do one or the other, whether they give you headaches or not, and has a sick-seth story to prove it). you know you want to. many tiny glasses of dark red snowy northern roses. c’mon. 🙂

24 11 2003

Sweetheart, Believe me–i wish i could. i wish i could just pretend like i dont have anything to do down here and just jaunt up for the weekend. but, unfortunately, in this reality, thats not an option. too much working to do, and not enough people to do it.
besides, what would you do if i just showed up on your doorstep unannouced–particularly if you were up to your eyeballs in projects and schoolwork and plans that dont involve me? ;} i’ve been talking to the pictsy about maybe coming up later in the winter, so maybe then…… do i have your number (as a side note–my brain just wondered that all on its own…)? email it to me when you get the chance–so we can talk sometime when things are more calm…. 🙂
as for the wines, im sure you’ll have a grand time without me 🙂 i bet you’ll like some of the sweeter whites–they tend to be a little like the pinks. i’ll have some red down here for you 🙂
*snowy rose-colored kisses*

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