13 12 2003

pictsy is the COOLEST!

we miss our roomie too! everybody ought to have a house-pixie. everyone w/o one is sad. (at least, all every-one-of-us)

she sent us awesome christmas music! & we played it over & over all day! (jewel box got smushed in the mail, tho…)

if there be snow, let it have a good soundtrack, i say. šŸ™‚

[2011 edit: it stands the test of time, too.Ā  it’s still a good album.Ā  And in the intervening years, my old roommate and i used to rattle around our apartment singing to it, this being our best compromise on christmas music (after I outlawed Mariah Carey]




5 responses

14 12 2003

Aw, sorry the case got crunched! I should have found those floppy rubbery cases, or just used a paper sleeve. Anyway, glad you like it. I remember Ty complaining about Christmas music being annoying šŸ™‚

15 12 2003

Electric guitars are not Christmas music! The rock! I really don’t think I’d mind Christmas music so much if everyone and their dog hadn’t done such crappy versions of them. The stuff you picked is way cool and way ecclectic. It’s a great change. Thanks.
PS My favorite Christmas song is “Father Christmas” by the Kinks. šŸ™‚

15 12 2003

Re: TSO…
My dog does a very nice rendition of Santa Baby!
Dude, I heard the funniest Christmas song last night. It was a lounge version of Sweet Child O’ Mine, with snippets thrown in about the baby Jesus. Stupefaction, I say!

16 12 2003

Re: TSO…
That’s outrageous! How fun! I’ll have to look into that. And can you teach your dog “Little Drummer Boy”? That’s my favorite “traditional” song.

15 12 2003

me too me too! isnt it Fabulous?! ive been so not in the mood to listen to any holiday music (except what we were listening to while decorating your tree, t), but this was Just Perfect!! :):)

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