poetry consolidated (1)

9 01 2004

here are the 1st 10 poems i put up on sarenity, in case people a) wanted to read them, and b) didn’t want to go searching through ten pages of other people’s poetry (who’s down w/opp?) to find them…

this is not praise-fishing, so don’t feel the need to flatter me. they’re hasty. some of them i like anyway. but i’ve been discussing them w/strangers and thought just maybe my friends would like to see them too…

1. petty larcenists
2. the first New England love song
3. ode to a well-worn sci-fi/fantasy book (guess which one)
4. self portrait
5. brooding in the frozen north
6. bathtub epiphany (you’ve read this in prose already)
7. legacy
8. “lake effect”
9. language (ex)change
10. when his old flame is a redhead




6 responses

10 01 2004

love reading you – added you
to my friend’s list

10 01 2004

Re: hi
cool. i hope you enjoy listening to people kvetch about the weather! 🙂

10 01 2004

Most of these give me that tingly mixed feeling of intimacy, secrecy, and wistfulness, which is what I love poems to do. Plus they’re not cheesy at all 😉 *clap clap!*

10 01 2004

thank you!!!!!
do they really? b/c that’s a damn cool description of what i’d probably like them to do, or at least what I’M doing when i do them… i’m so glad that it comes through! of course, you’re in a better position to understand them than some totally uninformed audience member who doesn’t know the folk we do, but i like to think that there’s enough open-ness between the scraps of specificity that you can re-cast them for entirely different players if you have a mind to…
::blushes at clapping::

10 01 2004

It’s interestign reading poerty of people you know. i read each one and wonder was it this that inspired? do i remember when that might have happened? I imagine it as a book, and it makes me want to peer at the little picutre in the back the one that usually doesn;t look like the one you expect the author to look like, and wonder… where did these come from. It makes those pictures in the backs more real, – like the person could step off the page and say well yes, i’ve felt the same way you have and wrote about it here in this little poem, even though in this weird picutre i am wearing a suit and pearls. i have feelings too. what all this sums up to is that i expect when you get these poems all to a book form that your picture better not look too weird.
my faves were ‘petty larcenists’ and ‘when his old flame is a redhead.’ that’s a great title. oh and ‘bathtub epiphany’ and ‘legacy’
okay um now i want to go write things.

10 01 2004

you go, girl. write things. it’s good for you. at least, it’s been good for me so far.
and i’ll promise not to wear pearls, and to let you look over my pictures and approve one, okay? in this fantasy land wherein somebody wants to publish me (ya right). 🙂

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