10 01 2004

despite never having had a skating-pond
i learned the best rule early on:
never skate alone.

when your feet go through,
take my cold hands in yours
sink your claws in if you have to
i won’t let go.

lucky for both of us i’m strong
and stubborn, and you’re not dragging
half as much dead weight as you suspect you are:
it’s not a million eyes, but just a few
and a few too many mirrors.

let the glass fall.
come back into the shock-cold winter air
and then the warm with me–

we’ll drink lucky stars in our hot tea,
and hypothermia is only temporary.

[2011 edit: dear Matthew, the girl i originally wrote this for turned out not to have been worth it anyway. would you mind if i rededicated it to you?]




5 responses

12 01 2004

that was Beautiful, t. you are such an Amazing woman and poet….
i Love you…..

12 01 2004

thank you.
and now i know you’re still out there and at least all-in-one-piece enough for silly quizzes and responding to my responses to your poetry. i feel much better. *hug* >kiss<

12 01 2004

Sorry to make you worry….
was going to drop you a line in a little bit. actually, i was going to call you last night, but jameson and i were getting along pretty well and i didnt think you needed to deal with my drunk ass….

12 01 2004

yes, well.
as far as drunk asses go, yours is one of my very favorites.

12 01 2004


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