poetry condolidated (2)

21 01 2004

the next 10 exhibits, some of which i’m more enthused by than others. i swear they aren’t only ALL about the weather!

11.a small ship on a frozen ocean
13.before theory
14.waking up early
15.naming snow
16.morning rituals
17.it’s only January
18.another answer
19.the nth law of thermodynamics

…back to work… (busybusybusy)




5 responses

21 01 2004

Incredible, as always. you are my new favorite poet. can i put them in a book?

21 01 2004

you can put them anywhere you want to, darling. under the bed, in ribbons danging from the ceiling, bathroom mirrors, toilet-paper roll… whatever makes you happy.
i have lots more, and more pre-meditated and thoughtful ones. deliberate, even, as opposed to these, which are all just deadline-and-circumstance-induced.
i’ve never been anybody’s favorite poet before. ::blushes::

21 01 2004

well, theres a first time for everything. 🙂
i would Love to read everything youve written.

21 01 2004

she’s my FIRST. 🙂 ::blushes again::
as for reading everything i’ve written, a) no you don’t. well, depending on the mood you’re in, some of it might be REALLY entertaining, but… and b) that would be MUCH easier if you were up here. 😛

21 01 2004

yeah…. a lot of things would be easier if i was up there….
and yes, i would love to read everything. i dont care what you say.

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