poetry condolidated (3)

31 01 2004

i think i’m getting worse at this instead of better. although, really, there’s only so much inspiration one can squeeze from the ping-pong ball in a small box existence i’m currently practicing.

office, bedroom, living room, office, classroom, living room, office, bedroom, office, classroom, living room, lj, lj, lj!

feel free to skip these entirely and hope for fairer weather ten days hence…

21.scientific-suburban taste-bud inquiry
22.pointless accusations (you’ve been here in prose too)
23.dang (this one’s boring. unless you like to listen to me kvetch about really stupid things)
25.under the apple-skin
26.the morning cup
27.un-troduction (guess who?)
29.to a prospective adolescent suicide (me too)
30. hypergraphia and the koan




9 responses

1 02 2004

I ❀ ❀ ❀ the new icon!

1 02 2004

thank you! it’s my “street faerie” gear. you can’t really tell from the tiny photo, but the wings are all torn (probably you saw them in bburg when they were cluttering up my room)–i found them by the side of the road. figured it fit. and the shirt’s torn to make a big enough head-hole, b/c it didn’t come w/one. ought to shred the tights, too, but then i might blind people w/the contrast btw. them & my fishwhite legs. πŸ™‚ that was my de lint inspired halloween get-up. i might have to do it again some year when i’m around ppl who care! πŸ™‚ but i thought i’d share, since it was so much fun, and y’all definitely appreciate these things much better than the locals do!

2 02 2004

the poetry is Wonderful as ever–i dont care what you say. at least not about that.
and the picture…. damn, grrl. i want one. and a copy of the pic :} is it online somewhere (in a state larger than the one on lj?)

2 02 2004

i’ll send you one. it’s on ty’s computer currently. thanks! there are a few of them. halloween was CUTE, even if very few people came to play with us. that was the most icon-shaped one, though. i also have some adorable pictures of you & me tree-decorating, warming our toes by the fire, & throwing snow at ty. do you prefer them on paper or digital?
thanks for liking my poems AND for not listening to me. some days i think i need that most.

2 02 2004

Cool!! more pics!! whichever way is easier for you–personally, i like them to be Real physical things that i can move about and take places, but digital is fine if thats easier!

2 02 2004

well right now they’re real. i like that best too. and it’s no more effort to print copies than to scan them into the computer, so we’ll do it the way you want it, baybee! πŸ™‚

2 02 2004

if its Easy and requires no money, then i would Love real ones. πŸ™‚ if you need money–let me know!

2 02 2004

yeah, because if you HAD any money, you’d develop your own pictures. i’m paying attention to the words coming out of your mouth even if you’re not!!! πŸ˜› girl who spends many hours and gallons of gas driving all the way to bumblefuck new york to visit me needs not talk about the small change involved in copying pictures. sheesh. πŸ™‚

2 02 2004

yes, but im not a college kid. you are. :} and i pay attention to the words coming out of *your* mouth–like “we cant afford to buy that much food” and “we cant afford to fix the house the way we want”
touchee. (which im sure isnt spelled that way…) :}

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