poetry condolidated (6)

4 03 2004

we finally hit the fifties… i mean the weather, not these numbers, although they’ll certainly do.

it’s been a busy, shitty, too-full week. i’m supposed to be more recovered already than i am just yet, more grateful for repreives i can’t quite feel but i’m sure are running, trying to catch up with me.

i’m going to outsmart them, stupidly, and go to blacksburg. the weather, smart enough, is set to betray me: it’s 72 there today and aiming at 38 next week. no love. read poetry:

51. telling (based on a true story, but not the half of it)
52. no Amergin (pronunciation guide @ the end)
53. responsiblity (more cat poetry!)
54. vanity
55. reclaiming names
56. no accident
57. the dare
58. the girl on the cathedral stairs (you’ll never guess; she wouldn’t either.)
59. today’s horoscope:
60. no picket fence required




One response

4 03 2004

let me know what the ‘burg plans are… shadoutfires@hotmail.com
no phone right now.

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