poetry consolidated (7)

17 03 2004

this is a rather mixed-up bunch. from here, from far away and back again, traipsing through a whole different set of visuals, memories, associations. i hope you like, or at least like the excuse to not do work, and say you’re having “culture” b/c it’s “literature,” in some thin-legged, wobbly way. ok, the first two really aren’t literary at all. fortunately, they get better later on!

61. things you take for granted when you live someplace not buried under feet of snow
62. early march mornings
63. the invention of the telephone (for quite a few people, but most very especially aaric, aka “the prophet,” who’s at least as neurotic as i am but is brave enough to call me anyway.)
64. not lying still (rhythm is all fuckered up. if you hate that, skip this.)
65. 5 1/2 minutes away
66. mountain hymn (here begin the vacation-poems)
67. pulling sharply
68. the last place (with innocent beginings, this didn’t become about whom it’s about until i’d come back home…)
69. the chivalric oath (you’d think with a title like this i’d be being sarcastic, but i’m not at all…this time!)
70. standard english (the “boy” in question is a reader. i wonder, will he recognize himself? it was a minor confusion, many, many years ago, but to geeks like me who like to twinge loose teeth and who are also easily captivated by the nuances and impossibilities of language, it’s lingered here…)




3 responses

17 03 2004

Simply Incredible.
as Always.

17 03 2004

thank you.
although i don’t entirely believe you, if only because i know exactly to what degree some of the above are Simply Idle Rambling, highly believable in their procrastinatory nature. i really don’t think “procrastinatory” is a word, although i have every intention of continuing to use it as if it were.
in either case (were there 2?), how in the world am i to become better at writing the most perfectly pleasing poems on the planet for YOU if you insist on responding agreeably even to my worst drivel? >sigh<
love you! *hug*

17 03 2004

its NEVER drivel. anything you Write is Perfectly Pleasing for me because YOU Wrote it. some of it is more one thing than another (encomapssing all sorts of desriptors), but i Love all of it because it is of YOU.
get it?
and i Love you, too.

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