poetry consolidated (8)

19 03 2004

sometimes the only way to deal with being this far behind is to go a little farther, by getting ahead at something else that doesn’t even actually need doing.

i choose to see this not as procrastination but as a practice-run at productivity, the kind i need to spend the rest of today and all of the next several, in a row, demonstrating. so, the evidence of what i’ve done instead:

71. (“Genealogy” 79) (guaranteed to amuse exactly nobody but me. and maybe hb, were he still speaking to me…)
72. pendulums (yes, that’s the correct plural. it sounds completely wrong to me, too.)
73. the high seas
74. “fido” means “fidelity” (a nod to all the dog people out there)
75. hitchhikers never lock the door
76. formica themes (i don’t know if that’s really what countertops are made of anymore or not)
77. snowblind
78. A Horse for XYZ (the title’s from a book i used to like as a kid, and has almost nothing to do with the poem, except in my mind, where they’re integrally related. if i’ve overstepped a line, please accept my apologies…)
79. postmarked from the summer country (in answer to what wasn’t actually a question)
80. decoys (a new edit for today. the old version was actually composed in august: the gist was the same, the wording less specific, the old title useless… it makes much more sense now.)

so there’s where i’ve been lately, while barely leaving my desk. just imagine how far i could get to if i had wings, or even walking-shoes, a warmer day, and good enough excuses.




2 responses

19 03 2004

i could give you a hundred good excuses. and probably another hundred on top of that. but.
you Never cease to Amaze me, girl. everytime you post your poetry its like getting to stop life for a moment and touch True Beauty.

19 03 2004

thanks, angel. over and over, every minute of every day…

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