squirrel fishing!

7 04 2004

as spring blossoms (i assume, seeing as though i’m not in a place where this seems likely to happen any time soon), and all our fancy turns to ways to stay outdoors instead of going in for school, work, whatever, i offer this pleasant distraction courtesy of a few geeks at harvard doing all of the above (or at least making it sound as if they did):

squirrel fishing!

(vraptorz, if you get to read my journal, on occasion i will have no choice but to theif funny things from yours as payment. this one rocks. 🙂 )

everybody think fondly of katie miller (even if you don’t know her). she’s been a dedicated squirrel-hater for years and years, and would certainly appreciate the subject-taunting herein.

feel free to try this at home. but if you do, PLEASE share the results?




2 responses

8 04 2004

I _love_ the “liftoff” picture- I might have to try to make that into an icon 🙂

8 04 2004

According to , they actually went out to the UW campus here in Seattle about three weekends ago and fished. No photos have been posted yet, though they think they got a couple of good ones. And, of course, somebody had to sic the police on them. An exchange which goes something like this:
“Are you the ones trapping the squirrels?”
“No Officer, we’re more like feeding them.”
“Oh – Okay.”

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