how the cat is like linguine

23 04 2004

or, really, how linguine is like the cat:

scáthách has this inability to eat things like yogurt. or milk. this is because he has a very large, (beige) unruly tongue, and when he tries to lap at things that would stay ON the tongue of a normal cat and go right into his or her mouth, from scáthách’s tongue they tend to be flung in drops and dollops, large and small, around the house. his most especial trick is flinging them up into the air, back over his face, and on to the top of his own head.

tonight we tried a recipe for cream sauce to go with some scallops and linguine. the scallops and their accompanying vegetables were very tasty, but we did not succeed (we’re not sure whether it was the half-and-half substitution, fiddling w/the heat, or a mis-print in the recipe we have to blame) in getting the cream sauce to thicken properly, so we ended up with soup bowls of linguine, vegetables, scallops, and garlicky, salty cream. it rather resembled cereal with milk. except that cereal is not long and flexible, like linguine (and the cat’s tongue), and not inclined to curl and uncurl forcefully at odd moments, flinging cream sauce (like milk and yogurt) around the house.

we had cream-dots all over the table, our clothes, ty’s hair, the wine glass…

what’s most amazing about this story is that, since i have no idea where he was at the time, we managed NOT to get any cream sauce at all on the top of scáthách’s head.

maybe we’ll try that with left-overs tomorrow.




5 responses

25 04 2004

Smelly cat… smelly cat.. what are they feeding you?
It’s not your fault!

26 04 2004

you rock!
when he got him, he really WAS a stinker, too. that was almost his name, before the new diet took effect…

27 04 2004

And _how_ do you pronounce that name? 🙂

27 04 2004

(like the music)
(like “this,” not “with”)
another a
(still like the music)
(as in loch)

28 04 2004

Thanks for a chuckle:)
Your little story has changed the course of my day – The ‘ho hum’ of my morning is replaced with more of a ‘whistle while you work’ feeling. Wonderful!:)

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