because i haven’t done it yet

5 05 2004

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

“He told the crowd that the roses represented the Seven Grandmothers, and the seven ancient towns in Mississippi.”
from Shell Shaker by LeAnne Howe

i don’t know what the above is about, b/c i’m only about on pg 4, but i’ve been assured it’s an awesome book. day-before-yesterday when i was burned out trying to think about the institutionalization and political significance of literacy, i finished Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer, which i’d been made to feel as if i should have read a long time ago, but i hadn’t. it was pretty damn fantastic. i highly recommend it. although if you haven’t read much NA stuff in a while or spent any significant time in indian country, you’ll miss a lot of what’s sharp and funny about it. i know that because i was acutely consicous about missing a lot of it, and i spent all semester steeped in the stuff, and 5 days in minnesota talking either to or about (usually both) “real indians” getting a feel for the humor/culture/thing. it’s a good read anyway. alexie kicks ass.




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5 05 2004

I’m posting here instead. 😛
“They had much to share in consequence, and for a while, they were able to ignore the awkward fact that an English army was encamped just six miles to the south.” Sharon Kay Penman

5 05 2004

Re: heh
which one? richard? (she did the sunne in splendor, right?)richard breaks my heart. for BOTH sets of obvious reasons…

5 05 2004

Re: heh
Time & Chance
from Grandma, christmas 2002

5 05 2004

Re: heh
a-hah. one i don’t have, haven’t read, etc. good. ::shakes richard-flavored cobwebs out of head::

5 05 2004

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to read Alexie forever. Did you buy it? Can I borrow it this summer?

5 05 2004

i did NOT, instead i bummed it from chris geyer’s bookshelf. but she has it. (actually, right now i still have it, so if you borrow it before i remember to give it back, DEFINITELY!) and i’m pretty sure jen has it too.
is there anything more beautiful on earth than the voluntary summer reading list?

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