7 05 2004

the last of the 3 papers i had to write for the classes i’m finishing on time this semester was just sent off to my prof (i love this electronic-submission don’t-bother-walking-to-campus thing!).

now it’s just all of the work for the class i chickened out and took an incomplete in left to do this summer, asap so i can do the not-for-credit independent reading lists from two other profs AND take a summer class that meets 4 hours a day, twice a week, averages a book a meeting, and starts in a week and a half. well, that and drive to raleigh. and nova. and maybe shipman. 🙂

NOW: downstairs, where our friend chris has champagne waiting to celebrate just finishing the last paper of her master’s degree, and ty’s drunk half of it already in celebration of finishing all of his grading–woo-hoo!

tomorrow: to the library, to return all the books i’ve had out all semester and bring home new ones to do incomplete-class work until i turn blue!

(i don’t want to do this work, btw. this would be a GREAT weekend for anyone thinking about calling me to say hello and distract me from my responsibilities to do so…)




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7 05 2004

Congrats! I bet you’re feeling a bit better now that you have that done. 🙂
So if you’re driving down this way, and you need a place to stay… 😉 I’m sure you’ve got plenty of offers, but here’s one more. 🙂

7 05 2004

huzzah! sigh…i should be working on papers…

7 05 2004

Whoo-hoo! I’m very impressed!! (Particularly because I still have to grade that last set of papers…)
🙂 Susan

7 05 2004

woo woo! done with a bunch of stuff! yay!

8 05 2004

we’ll make that: “monday” to the library–someone was kind enough to tip me off last night to the fact that this is commencement weekend, and campus is swarmed with self-important little people and their very rich daddies buying them all the campus parephernalia in the world to remember their treasured experience by. gag me with a spoon. 🙂 (or a dead smurfette?) so instead: call mom. it’s mother’s day. and then dig some weeds or something. there’s certainly PLENTY to do!!

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