13 05 2004

our room is cool.
cucumber cool.
this is a small part due to the fact that we painted it a lovely pale green last fall, but is MOSTLY because my baby, in his infinite radiance of ultimate cool, bought us a ceiling fan and installed it with lots of balancing on the bed and a few dropped screws and many sore arms and now it’s spinning and spinning and spinning.
and the light works, which is cool.
and it doesn’t wobble, which is extra-cool.
and it works SO WELL at making the whole stuffy room (yes, believe it or not, we had a few rainy, cold days of spring long after everyone else had broken out their tank tops, and now summer’s upon us already, calendar or no calendar) cool and breezy and cool and lovely and cool.

mmmmmmmmmm. cool.




3 responses

13 05 2004

cool is good.
i’m cool today cause i’m wearing contrasting blue tanktops. the inner one isa light aqua, and the outer one is a cornflowerblue.

14 05 2004

That sounds nice. I had painted our room in Bburg a light green, which really makes a room seem bigger, and kind of rejuvinatey. Also, ceiling fans are key.

14 05 2004

Ahhh cucumber coolness… i like it! I couldn’t describe how the breeze felt on my porch swing yesterday evening, but it was definitely cucumber. thanks:)

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