17 05 2004

i repeat: those stupid fucking ninjas are SO fired.

all i asked them to do was find ONE girl and super-glue my phone # to her fingers so i’d be impossible not to call. a simple task, you say? and yet. all these days. glue-unopened. phone not ringing. girl at large. sorry, worthless ninjas. >sigh<




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17 05 2004

*hmph* i thought i was atleast worth /something/ xp

18 05 2004

sorry, sweetie. i didn’t mean you. you’re a free agent who sometimes appears magically to help the forces of good…we don’t know what you do w/the rest of your time, of course. it’s all part of the secret.
i was talking about the plain old garden-variety ninjas easily fooled by common escape tactics. in either case, subject located, bases touched, etc., etc. all’s well. and i’m feeling really generous today so won’t fire anybody. 🙂

18 05 2004

good to know
thought I was going to have to brake out my old outfit / find those stupid ninjas and show them how to do their job . . .

18 05 2004

being said girl, i must say that if you fire anyone, it should be me for being such a stupidhead. its not the ninjas fault–i can be nigh invisible when i want to be.
Thank you, for being so Patient with me….
i Love you.

18 05 2004

you’re so cute when you say “stupidhead.”

19 05 2004

i suppose i deserved that… *kiss*

18 05 2004

since the ninjas went union it’s hard to get them to do anything

18 05 2004

I’m considering trying to join IATSE, local 22. they’re /like/ ninjas. ;]

26 05 2004

Mad Scientists union for me, or the International Brotherhood of Lackeys, Minions and Henchpersons.

18 05 2004

I heard that, they were sponsered by the hedge trimmers union for some reason…..

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