4 06 2004

happy birthday to dolmangar!!! πŸ™‚

i think everybody should post a happy or funny “i remember when he did x” story. just to make his day a little more surreal. only i don’t want to read 10 accounts of the Chocolate Bunny Incident, and anyway he tells it best himself. pick a different one. πŸ™‚

my happiest d-gar day is a tie between when he took me out on his bike the first time, so he could see if he’d gotten good enough at riding it to do it w/a passenger (and b/c he wanted to practice his impress-the-hell out of girls moves, i’d imagine, which worked REALLY WELL at least on me!), and it was like being on speeder-bikes zooming through the trees on the winding-est parts of braddock road out in chantilly, and when we were between SOs at some point and he took me ice-skating and spun me all around the rink and went backwards and was all coordinated and zoomy and cool. good times. πŸ™‚

(oh, and happy belated b-day to metalmonkey, who gained another year while i was off having an anniversary of my own and not paying attention. sorry, baby!)




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4 06 2004

Three cheers for fun birthdays!

4 06 2004

heh…. hmmm there are many surreal moments πŸ˜›
anything from trying to temper a knife in our dorm room w/o cracking the stones in the hilt, to watching him beat Carl with a PVC+Foam sword on rollerblades on the deck at Dietrick. George Takei night comes to mind as well πŸ™‚

4 06 2004

Teflon-man! (and teflon-man shirt!)

4 06 2004

Attaching the chain mail balls to Carl’s chain mail shirt… among other things…

4 06 2004

pvc and foam swords were involved when i first met him, and playing with the chain mail balls was always fun and the bras and boxers movie nights
Happy B-day, hope it was grand!

5 06 2004

My mom: “You must be -! Come on in!
Dremel caught in the hair.
“Try ‘format c: /U’ to fix that.”

7 06 2004

hey, the dremel tool in the hair was a classic!

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