9 06 2004

just got e-mail from rbk, in answer to an inquiry i sent months ago to an account i figured no longer existed. turns out he’s not dead after all, or really in any unusual danger of it–he’s still in “training” stateside, which as far as i can tell means the army’s been paying him for almost a year now to drink. a lot. is it funny that in years past i’d have objected to that, but right now i find it delightful, because it’s so much preferable to me than his being shot at? or should i wish that he’d actually had the chance to try to find himself by getting into the actual danger he was after, so he could be sure it wasn’t there and could go about formulating a better plan?


i'd like to kick him, but i do love the little shit. he even sent me a phone #. if i'm brave (and feeling patient) i might just have to call him up tomorrow.




2 responses

9 06 2004

Thanks for the update, my dear. It’s good to hear about him & to know that he’s alive & (thus far) unharmed.

10 06 2004

anytime, baby.
i figured a few people other than me might be interested, and the ones who weren’t could console me anyway, for the distress i’ve long been willing to waste in that direction… 🙂

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