10 06 2004

instead of virtue, this morning can more be characterized by languor–itself a highly underrated boon these days. when i woke up at 6, it was to cold grey skies and wet streets, and i snuggled back down for another hour of drowsing. when the alarm went off before 7 and started playing tori amos, i stretched like a cat, curled around the nearest cat, and spent another good hour all silky in my satin pajamas, under just a sheet w/the cieling fan making the room all breezy, listening to tales of a librarian, dreaming half-awake tori-inspired dreams (i’m sure you have your own of those, and don’t need much elaboration), and watching the rain outside the window come down drop by drop to dance the thick green summer leaves out front.

everybody go “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

it was probably still in the high 70s in the bedroom. out on the back porch once we opened to door to take tea and breakfast out, though, it was more like 50, and i needed my winter robe instead of my summer one, and had cold feet anyway. yesterday’s high of 91 already feels less like a memory and more like delusion. in fact, it might even be chilly enough to justify grabbing some borrowed fiction to go read in the bath.

everybody go “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” again!




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10 06 2004

would that it were so…
what i wouldnt give to have a morning like that–for all the people here i Love to have a morning like that. i think it would do a world of Good for everyone. instead of waking up to hangovers from trying to drown out the pain, or the crushing weight of depression realizing that reality didnt change overnight, or the anxiety of how to survive another day in emotional hell, or the hopelessness of trying to make ends meet, trying to find money to eat, to fix the car, to pay the bills, to get to the doctor.
i’ll take “tyra’s mornings” for $1,000, alex.

10 06 2004

Re: would that it were so…
keep your $1000. we give them out for free, whenever you’re here. & that goes for your motley crew of associates, too. bring ’em. we’ll make pancakes and curries for anyone who shows up at the door, and promise not to wake them up in the morning.

11 06 2004

Re: would that it were so…
maybe one day i can drag more people up there and take you up on that.
Love you, grrl.

10 06 2004

Re: would that it were so…
You think you’ve got it bad? I got to enjoy half of that morning before going to teach the kiddies. How jealous do you think I am? I actually had to LEAVE her! Of course, I also made the breakfast: a skillet of new red potatoes, baby bella mushrooms, and gree peppers, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and cottage cheese, and tea. 🙂

11 06 2004

Re: would that it were so…
youre such a whiner. ;}
*ducks the punch thrown in her direction*
that breakfast sounds divine. you two are so damn lucky to have each other!
Love you!

10 06 2004

Mmmmmmmmmm sounds really nice. 🙂 I wish I could do that but it seems and feels like I’m working all the time. Which translates to getting up at 6 and rush…rush…rush 😛 lol

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