mallard abuse, but with a nice cream frosting

9 07 2004

birthday bummer 1: cheryl says we’re a week too late, b/c they’ve all but filled the positions, and anyway they’re just one-year appointments that probably won’t be re-funded anyway. so it’s not, she says, worth throwing away a phd for. right now, i think i’d throw this one away for an ice-cream cone, and it’s too early for ice-cream today anyway, but that’s a whole seperate issue. in any case, the great decision need not be made, at least at this juncture, although she did ask for and carefully record our contact information on the off-chance that a crisis erupted (as they are wont to do) and she needed people. “one-year appointment” sounds ominous, yes, but jules_11 got one last year, and is still doing it this year, so it’s not guaranteed to be as bad as they imply.

birthday bonus 1: we ran into monroe at the pub last night, & he’s one of my favoritest people in town, and i haven’t seen him in forever (he was AT our wedding, but it was very hurried/flurried of course, and i don’t know how long it had been then since we actually had a conversation…) & we sat at the bar & talked about his art, about music & writing & money & creativity & working with your hands while pdxstraycat & his friend justin threw some darts & drank their beers. i arrived, apparently, just in time to save monroe from a strange girl who’d assaulted him in the middle of eating his salad by telling him he was way too cute to be running around alone. he IS, mind, but it’s all part of his charm. and it’s not something you address directly, for goodness sake. i wanted to pat her on the head, but she left before i got the story.

birthday bonus 2: we ran into aileen @ school & made plans for lunch today at india garden… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. she says paul’s growing out his hair, which i can’t wait to see.

birthday bummer 2: she also says he’s going to kick my ass for talking so chipper-ly about dropping out of school. which i knew. which is why i hadn’t called him. but fortune takes you where she will, so it must be that i deserve a bit of a karmic ass-kicking. i’ll take it. i’m not sure THIS is what i’m doing wrong, but i am sure i’ve done plenty.

birthday bummer 3: backstreets was almost out of tiramisu when we took a small crowd there for dinner.

birthday bonus 3: it was my birthday. they gave what they DID have left to ME, and for free, even! 🙂

post-birthday bonus: it’s time to go get some bollo’s coffee and visit our ducks! they’ve missed us, i’m sure. okay, yes, projection, whatever. i’m sure when jason gets all those messages, he’s going to miss us too. although i only remembered after i left the last one about it being my fscking birthday & wanting to see him that the boy hates when i cuss. >sigh<




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9 07 2004


19 07 2004

it was quite nice, & friendly, & tasty. a good way to spend the day. i’d rather stay un-mindful of its numeric relevance forevermore, but even that feels less like bowing to our socially-approved fear of aging & more like admitting, now that i’m old enough for “how old are you” to be a completely irrelevant question, that i never liked numbers as representational of things that really mattered anyway (& i’ve ALWAYS had a really hard time remembering the answer to that question–it was MATHY & kept CHANGING!).

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