18 07 2004

“getting yourself out of the way so you can hear & appreciate what others have to offer… is the greatest single challenge of a human lifetime”

(because, of course, you have to still be you, thoroughly & completely, to understand & do anything with what you hear/see/learn, but at the same time have to learn to step out from behind the interference-patterns you create that distort whatever comes toward you… ever tried to pick up the coffee-spoon to stir the sugar in w/o first setting down the cream?)

i know some people who are having a lot of trouble with this right now.  & some others who are doing a brilliant job of it.  again, of course:  waves.  none of those people or circumstances were under specific consideration when he dropped the gem on me this morning,  but the relevance hit like a hammer. 

i wish us perseverance in the face of the quest itself, & the quiet to listen, & listen, & listen… b/c it’s won in moments all around us, all the time, & the songs they sing are beautiful.




3 responses

19 07 2004

YES. a million times YES.
i definitely need to keep practicing that idea.
thank you (and your father!) for the reminder!

19 07 2004

when i wrote this down, i was thinking contextually more of applying it FROM than TO you, but i suppose it’s always working in both directions, & when the clouds start forming one way, they quickly breed an answering set in the other…
i’m writing it on a sticky to keep prominently placed in my office. how ’bout you?

19 07 2004

Re: funny…
good idea. 🙂 and one can always use more self-checking and being sure one is on track…

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