my brother rocks

23 07 2004

he sent me the BEST e-card ever for my birthday. (yes, that was a while ago–i forgot to post it, ok?) [2011 edit: the temporary online holding has long since expired, of course, so you can’t see it, but you can think about what it might have been based on what appears below]

when we were kids, back in the days of the dinosaur & before everybody even had an atari, let alone the super-cool intellevision my aunt bought to play d&d on, my daddy brought home one of those texas instruments keyboard-w/cartridge-slot computers (it could also, somehow, read programs on cassette-tapes that one could somehow get onto cassette tapes by typing code found in magazines, but i was 7 or 8 & a book-geek instead, so the technology really escapes me). our favorite game (meaning his to play & mine to watch) was called “parsec,” & it worked almost exactly like this (only w/scary cave-mouth graphics on the edge of the screen, & dangerous refueling maneuvers to carry out). how he found this, i haven’t the foggiest, but he’s the BEST brother ever. 🙂




2 responses

23 07 2004

that kicks ass!! you do have a Fabulous brother 🙂
i guess we’re both pretty damn lucky–i have the other best brother ever 🙂 (although i bet brandi would say the same of twig, too–so maybe there are three of them!)

23 07 2004

Very Cool
Now that is cool! My dad baught us the commodore 64. I think it is still in storage somewhere.

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