okay, i lied

27 07 2004

i have 2 more things to say today.

1) i’m inordinatly proud of myself (& yes, that means in a way not able to be measured by numbers) for getting some actual academic work done:

i took 4 pages of notes on a very long, repetitive, boring collection of essays i’ve spent the past 2 days trying to read & then wrote 3 short summaries of different parts of the book based on those notes and a longer summary of an almost-impossible chapter of a book written by the professor for whom i’m behind in completing this course, which i’d read the other day & been too exhausted by to do anything else with. NOW, i’m going to go start reading another almost-impossible article she’s written (and i have another one looming after that), which i also have to try to sound objectively smart about, and for which i have to pretend that anything i say is going to be even remotely acceptable as a summary/explanation of the intricate & complicated ideas it takes her about 50 pages per chapter/article to tie into very large-worded knots… & no, that’s not terribly impressive, i know. but it a) puts me almost halfway through my reading list for this project, & b) is more work than i’ve gotten done in a single day in probably 6 months of brooding about my educational disillusionment, & c) means i’ve been offline almost all day focusing on my work like a good kid. so it’s progress. in lots of festive colors. & that’s what i’ve done today!

2) i’m some kind of scholar-geek’s wet dream:

’round about the middle of every afternoon, when it’s cold and rainy out and i’ve spent all day at the computer in my pajamas, i decide i’m both cold and grubby and retire for a while to the bath. yesterday i made mounds of bubbles, kept the bright bathroom light on, and nerdily poured over the book of boring academic essays until the water got cold & all the little bubbles popped. today, deeming myself deserving of a break, it was candles & comic books, baby!
(even if nobody else would be particularly moved by these shenanigans… but y’all know i know who you are)

me & my last now-cold sip of homebrewed starbucks coffee are going to read more obscure comp theory now, & look forward to revisiting the yummy squash soup pdxstraycat made earlier for dinner soon. mmmmmmmmmmmmmsquash soup!




7 responses

27 07 2004

lucky comic books. ;]

27 07 2004

esp since i managed NOT to drop them in!!! 🙂

27 07 2004

Yea, you! My advisor is breathing down my neck (via email, at least) to get busy on that diss thang. *sigh*

27 07 2004

woo woo!
yay getting things done! and comics! and baths!

27 07 2004

Good for you!! Knowing how every accomplishment is an *accomplishment,* I am very happy for you and revel in your success! Revel, Revel! I think you deserve as many bubbly rewards as possible.

28 07 2004

kind of like inordinately? 🙂

28 07 2004

mkay, bite me, i’m SO not a spelling teacher!

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