syracuse weather report & subsequent outlook

5 08 2004

it’s 60 degrees out & raining.

we’re going to the airport. pdxstraycat & i neither one particularly love waiting in lines & sitting in stuffy airplanes & the like, but BOY do we love skipping town.

by 4:30 this afternoon, we expect to be in florida. knowing me, sunburned already (1 min. after our flight touches down? only i could manage it! those freaky goth kids have NOTHING on me!). i want tropical fruit, palm trees, pictures of dolphins & manatees, baby-hugs, kisses from my big, black dog, & ACTUAL SUMMER-FLAVORED WEATHER!

& ranagar loves me so much he says he’ll forego working on his ubertan to take us to the beach at night. what could be better?

i’ve got sunscreen & spaghetti-os. we’re outta here.




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5 08 2004

imho, the beach is only good at night 🙂

5 08 2004

i’m so paranoid, and a bit of a mom, so i checked the tpc (tropical prediction center) and you’re ok – hurricane alex is gone, and tropical depression two has dissipated.
my fave wx term – tropical depression. so sad, what with the rainy day in the tropical paradise. so sad.

6 08 2004

Then did you check far enough to see that no hurricane has ever touched ground in Brevard County (where I live and T&T are now)?
My daddy didn’t raise no fool!

11 08 2004

we did get lots of raining, tho. i hadn’t even thought to think of hurricanes. you’re such a good mom. 🙂

11 08 2004

well, i do work in the world wx bldg – all anyone can talk about is tropical depressions/storms/hurricanes. i’ve set up a state-of-the-art storm tracking thingy on my workstation – no paper/pencil for me!

5 08 2004

beach at night is great. breezy wonderful.

5 08 2004

have a most Wonderful, sun-filled, relaxing vacation, Love!

11 08 2004

got lots of wonderful, well-mixed with other more tumultuous things. & more rain & clouds & stars than sun, but it’s bad for me anyway… & a lot more work than relaxation, although it was pretty nice to feel all accomplished & virtuous for a while.
i DID get to wrestle children on the floor & sing b.i.n.g.o. in the car & chase lizards & baseballs & a running baby, & throw some things around i really wanted to throw, & see what the stars look like from the waysouth, & have lots of ice cream, & take pictures of out in the sunshine, & drive around w/my hair flying & the top down getting sand all over ‘s car (even if he did make me clean it up later), so it was overall a very nice time indeed!

13 08 2004

im glad you had such a great (and productive!) time! 🙂

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