it must be genetic…

13 08 2004

…but i don’t know WHERE i got it from!

all i know is pdxstraycat comes by this whole “work-vacation” concept honestly–his parents have come up for a visit, & are currently in the basement amid a whir of power tools, while he &  his dad FINALLY put together the work bench that’s been in pieces down there for a year or more, & his mom’s up on tiptoes scraping old contact-paper off the one unfinished window left from last year’s basement-window project.  i will never again feel guilty for dragging him off to “play” w/my (our? !!!) friends & watching them hand him a hammer & put his ass to work.  it must be in the blood.  🙂

my family wasn’t like this.  vacations alternated between being about Activities & about hardcore Lounging.  i don’t make lists of tasks for them to do before they come up here–although maybe i should start.  i’m sure they’re wean-into-the-idea-able.  maybe i learned it working at camp the summer after college ended, when everything was a job and a party all at once, but i can’t really imagine doing people-visiting any other way anymore.  it’s not just , although it’s certainly an important part of the warmfuzzy community-aura the weekend exudes; it’s building that hot-tub deck, cleaning out kyneburh‘s mother’s fridge over semester-breaks, screening in ranagar‘s backyard last weekend, helping people move as a social & recreational activity.  it’s l_stboy and whale_girl showing up here last year with a sledgehammer to take out extra walls.  sharing work, sharing activities, sharing accomplishments… those are visceral, true, GOOD parts of being human.  and when we live so far apart that we don’t get to see each other often at all, i think maybe we connect more strongly–making up for lost time, as it were–by doing that kind of sharing, that kind of being/doing-together that understanding is built from even when you don’t really know what you’re learning about them from the highly contextualized things people are saying & doing until way later.

sightseeing’s all well and good, if there’s something to see, but the time’s much more quality, at least to me, when it’s spent making something, or making something already made more orderly, more useable, more beautiful.  & i’d prefer getting filty-dirty–or, more likely, as we keep giving birth to new tasks needing taken-on–be covered in mashed cracker & tackled ’til i’m bruised by imaginative sharks & dinosaurs, to coming home w/rolls & rolls of pictures of panoramas and landmarks any day.




One response

14 08 2004

Apparently I’m the recessive gene in my family–rather than *doing* things, I’d rather lounge in a sidewalk cafe with a cool beverage, peering over my magazine at the passersby.
On a side note, I’m very fond of compounds words that get their plural “s” in the middle. Like mothers-in-law. Attorneys-general. Susansmarie.

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