i finally know what you Novites were talking about!

4 09 2004

there’s a cicada very close by outside–a whole bunch of them are in the neighborhood making their wonderful summer ocean-swell of sound song, but periodically this one bug gets off-rhythm from them and is SO loud and piercing that his song’s coming in the open porch-door and making an echo-chamber out of our office.  when i go outside, it does sound like alien space-ship engines gearing up and down!

it’s not, by any means, the same scale mass-invasion y’all had down south, but i’m just so excited they made it here at all before the snows!

while it’s very nice to listen to happy cicadas and the purr of down-the-street lawnmowers as the soundtrack to my paper-writing, all snug and warm in this sunny calm place, it’s also cool as shit to be able to do it while watching  ranagar‘s backyard palm trees lash around in pre-Frances winds!  yay technology, and Great High Winds–i want to be there too!  fsck work!  let’s lash ourselves to trees and ride out the hurricane!  (i think i’ve been told that story already by a different goon on my friends-list, but he’s out baking his brains on the playa aws, so he’ll probably never notice i’m talking about him!)




5 responses

5 09 2004

i didn’t realize rockville is in northern virginia? ok i am done
miss u this( ) much! ok well alot more but i didn’t wanna hog up space!

5 09 2004

Re: novites?!
ok there was suppoesed to be a much bigger space in between the parenthesis! sorry!

5 09 2004

Re: novites?!
a) re: parentheses, no worries. trying to post lots of poetry has taught me exactly how much control i do & don’t have over lj formatting–strings of spaces never last. 🙂
b) re: nova–you’re guilty by association, honey. you’ll notice that you assumed i meant you to be grouped in w/the lot–which means you didn’t have any trouble making the same overgeneralization for the term i used! 😛

7 09 2004

I could not figure out your “music: whrrrrWHEEEEEEEErrrrrr” and it suddenly hit me: that is SO what they sound like! I dont’ know if it’s as loud up there as it was down here, but it gets incessant. for some reason, their sound gathered in some sort of auditory vortex in my driveway that caused me to literally run into the house everyday because my ears actually ached! have fun with ’em (,weirdo ::wink::)!

8 09 2004

No tree strapping was required.
I just find it dreadfully unfortunate that we don’t have enough warning of these things to fly people in for hurricane parties!

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