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7 09 2004

[2011 edit: Below is another completely silly meme/quiz that will only be entertaining to the people involved–i.e. whoever was on my livejournal friendslist in 2004 who was also friends with the particular crowd of folks from VT who were also (or wanted it to be) alums of my high school: i.e. nobody but me and Colleen Reed.] i’m not sure this isn’t too alarming to even be funny, in a few ways too many. except i think they misspelled “drag queen,” and said “quarterback” when they meant something about “quarter horses.” ganked from reedrover for whom i was, in fact, head fscking cheerleader. OMG?!? but, as i rationalized in her lj, you really can’t GET much closer to “color guard captain” than that, can you?

yikes. & to find this only an hour after an accidental but thoroughly wistful re-watching of the end of the breakfast club (which prompted me to e-mail the only grit i still know & have an address for–and bonus points to anyone who even GETS that term anymore…)

If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Principal whale_girl
Lunch Lady boticelli_babe
Head Cheerleader jules_11
Quarterback jeymin
Prom Queen rumhann
Gang Member onetrueparty
Band Geek vilejynx
Theatre Geek ssartain
Chess Club Captain ladyinthetower
Loner Goth Kid reedrover
Class Clown fishy1
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8 responses

7 09 2004

well, shit
last time ty did something like this i ended up as the androgynous looking one, so i’ll take head cheerleader any day over that!

8 09 2004

Re: well, shit
ha ha! being that I WAS the freakin’ head cheerleader at my high school, i’m superglad I sat this one out;)

7 09 2004

You don’t want to see me in drag, darling.
I’ve gained fawr too much weight to fit a size 4 like I used to. *hand nailed to forhead*
Not to mention the last time I raced, they gave me a none too subtle hint with the booby prize of a half used bottle of Nair.
Now give me a pint of B&J’s to sit with you and watch the vids.
That I can do sweety. Mm-humh *nods*

8 09 2004

i’m SO there.

8 09 2004

gah! alphaville! why do you do this to me?? now i have to find that damn “tigger’s mix” and convert it to mp3.

8 09 2004

I have Tyra’s 80’s Mix vols 1-9? 10? on cassette. And I can lay hands on at least 8 of them. Time to find the cables to burn some CDs…

8 09 2004

if you can’t find it there, try matt’s band tape. 🙂

8 09 2004

Ok, now that’s too appropriate. The entire OneTrueParty as a gang is so terribly accurate. Cloak people unite!
Happily for my mother, I never owned enough makeup to be a convincing goth, and I was probably a loner for a whole week. Extroverts with no sense of clothing style don’t make very good goths, I’m afraid.

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