20 09 2004

vilelings in garb, the bigger one w/a sausage-on-a-stick & the littler one teaching cwalters how to contact-juggle a tiny human (or maybe that’s the other way ’round), a happy (and washable) vilejynx with both hands free at the same time at least once or twice during the day, minimal drizzling, perfect sunburn-potential-free weather, a pictsy to smile at and with, a bagel to hug, a whole bevy of cute little boys, shopping bags and sparkly things and thin crowds cowed by the weather, small drum-happy hands to hold and chase after, giant hammers making “lightning and thunder!”,  rides across the state in the night in teky4lf‘s white car again after too many years away, pancakes…with chocolate chips in them, manga lessons from cindrax, fierce chomping of the feet by mr. vem-cat, brooms that anger joshua, bear-hunts and chocolate babies, falling asleep in front of…um…that stuff i used to yell at julesk for yelling at, wahyagar‘s batches of stirred-up kitchen goodness (they fed us dinner and breakfast!), black walnuts as ice-cubes (they sound like pool cues when they clink together), spinach pies and musical frogs and fire-breathers and babies who must be on tables, tiny knights who swear they clean, cedar-walled saunas,  racing tornados and winning (“shit, that’s a fucking twister, don’t look, drive the car!”), secretcat hiding in skirts, fantabulous henna art (somebody–maybe me–should post a picture of ladyinthetower‘s arm), wheeze-inducing giggle-fits, highway speeds and reminiscence in three different cars in only two days, 18 hours of highway time, perfect crescent moons, fiction from bluemeg to borrow & brownies long gone, toys and boys scattered pell-mell all over the floor, new introductions, old songs on the mix-cd, pdxstraycat singing irish pub songs for me (in the korrigan’s voice, no less), bees gently moved aside without stinging anyone, legs that aren’t noodles (but could have fooled the passers-by), pizza and champagne on mom’s kitchen floor, musketeer boots and leather-bound feathers, the end of ivan’s rain (or reign?), pink skies through the way-out trees at faire, matching vests & silly songs and “snuggle bear!” in the backseat of a car led by sarcastic-man and the last remaining werewolf of london…

all of which puts me a good 3 days behind in the work i’m supposed to be doing & the papers i’m supposed to be mostly done grading (posting the pics, when i do that, will cost me even more of someone else’s time), and i’m not only not sorry, i’m damn glad of it!!!




5 responses

20 09 2004

Darlin’, I think this is my favorite of the pics that you use

22 09 2004

ooh, look, a birdie!
or, rather, of course, jonathan.
who called me.
i just had to say that again, to one of the only two people on earth who’d really care. and the other one set it up, so it’s no use bragging to him. 🙂
thank you for really caring! and for liking my stolen manga picture! does that mean you’re not a fan of me w/wings? or just that you think rei is teh hot?!?!? (b/c he is!)
(that moment of lee+speak brought to you by my best impression)

21 09 2004

i think it’s a really neat pic because if youre not looking carfully it could be you and your hunny! it’s VERY cool!

21 09 2004

im glad you had such a Wonderful weekend. a perfect send-off into the coming fall.
i was going to call you, but by the time i got your messages, you were on the road, so that didnt work. i sent you lots of Love and thoughts, though–did you get any of them?
Love you, my Queen. and dont worry–im still kickin’.

21 09 2004

Sounds wonderful — happy busy old and new. Sounds like the kids had a blast too.

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