see? (for swm again)

22 09 2004

she *does* love you.
AND even suspect you of leaving things under her door.

girl’s fickle like the wind. probably, us being the too-too-twisted creatures that we are, that’s a lot of what we like about her. we’re bet-takers too, & sometimes it blows our way.


i’m home all day tomorrow. call me if you find you’re stuck in traffic or something. (or i’ll pay for phone calls–i just want to know when you’re around–which means alone, since you talk differently w/other people there, & i don’t have the practice to translate through that screen w/you)




One response

22 09 2004

I was wondering who said what to her for to suspect me – but in her response to my post today . . . I guess she didn’t read Kielor’s essay.
I guess I do use differnt words and cadence in mixed comany don’t I? sorry – tell me to cut it out, or perchance I can speak my own mind and say that it’s not a good time or something. hmm
I was reading through a few of her old emails to me today, discarding the ‘oh, hey . . lok at this ebay item’ – or other innocuous stuff like that and trying to maintain the pithy substance of our converasations.
might have been a bad idea, was thinking about her for the rest of the day, while cleaning ofice, driving home, making dinner etc.
– how she was so adamant that I didn’t really love her, just the concept that she represented & local availability
damn but she was wrong about that!
and they were playing hubastank & that “happy ending” song nearly back to back on the way home . . . fucking twits. thing I really get annoyed at with the love sick songs of pain , is that they all end up saying ‘you’re the one person who’s fucked me up, and now my life is over’
well, she didn’t mess my life up, it’s not over – I just miss her terribly, and wish so many things had been / will be different
anywho, lizzy just pointed out that we’re not getting ready for bed, and it’s 11:30
*kiss – hug*
sleep well my dear

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