“mmmmmm…. stomachache on a bagel”

30 09 2004

sickness season + capitalism + whimsy =PLUSH MICROBES!

stupidest cute thing i’ve ever seen: stomachache on a bagel (with beer yeast).

or cutest stupid thing: plush flu!

i can’t decide what i think is more darling, the flirty eyelashes on the plush mono-microbe, or that plush beer-yeast looks kind of like a puppy. (i’m also strangely pleased by the magnificent subtle squareness of halitosis.)

…….this brilliant diversion brought to you courtesy of missmeridian……..

now back to our regularly-scheduled professional obligations.




3 responses

30 09 2004

hee! i’m so glad you’re pleased. am not so glad to perhaps have acquired Giantmicrobe. grr. ack. ugh.

30 09 2004

those are sooo cool! 😛

30 09 2004

Good Lord
Y’know, I can’t help but wonder what the pitch was during the company meeting that resulted in these plush oddities…

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