4 10 2004

happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy

happy belated birthday to wahyagar (it was friday. i was buried in student angst…that’s my sorry excuse & it’ll have to do) & happy on-time birthday to ranagar today.  nyah nyah, y’all are even older than me now than you were a week ago!




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4 10 2004

Watch it with the “Nyah, nyah”s young lady – Didn’t anyone ever teach you to respect your elders?!?

4 10 2004

Welcome back to on-line, Methusela šŸ˜‰

4 10 2004

Thanks hun šŸ™‚
it was a generally good time on friday, dinner was good, movie + cake was good šŸ™‚
Happy BDay Ranagar……

4 10 2004

ooh, whadya have for dinner, & what movie, & who made the cake? šŸ™‚

5 10 2004

we went to Pacific in Sterling for dinner (3 of us, meg & steve, and marda) then back to our place to watch Star Wars (Ep. IV on DVD) and make fun of Greedo shooting first, that sort of thing, and we were joined by Tim Delong & Karen, and John F. and Karen then we had carvel Ice cream cake

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