“consider this day seized!”

4 10 2004

when somebody says or does something cool that makes us happy, we often say “that made my day!” as if, before the good thing, the day simply wasn’t, or at least i guess wasn’t worth remembering. but if a good thing makes a day of it, what do you get when you have several good things all in the same day? because i’ve heard myself use that phrase a good handful of times today–a good sign that even here in the frozen north optimistic moments bloom like the out-of-season hyacinths in our front yard–but also a literal impossibility?

here’s an accounting:
1) i took my students to the library today, and someone at the beginning of the flock when we went in past the card-scanner said we were all together as a class, so the scanner-minder told them to all just go on through. and then the last of us were through and he said “wait, where’s your teacher?” and i said “i’m the teacher!” and he said “oh–i thought you’s a student!” (i thanked him, of course. & if my students rolled their eyes at the preposterousness of the idea, they didn’t comment, & i wasn’t looking at them to notice)

2) kelly & i went down to the dunkin donuts for coffee, & she showed me the secret reason why overpriced coffee at the student center is worth the walk right past the other sensibly proximate discount coffee options right by our building–it’s in a food court, and the food court has one of those wonderful dining-hall milk dispensers with the big metal balls that you push up, and out of the dispenser on the end you can add chocolate milk to your already super-sugary-and-creamy coffee (“like i’m seven years old, right? c’mon–get your chocolate milk!”) for free!

3) thematic resonance was demonstrated later when one of my friends peered over my shoulder at my driver’s license and said “1974?!? you’re older than me? no way you’re… god, thirty?!” apparently i’m amazingly good at not acting my age!

4) my friend jeremiah, who is terrific, and who makes syracuse so much a better place than it used to be, and who could singlehandedly save my department, i’m sure, if he’d just defect over to CCR from CFE (don’t ask), does really good accents. fantastic accents. deceptive, brilliant, charming accents. and they’re funny. and they’re fast. and this afternoon he had me literally on the floor helpless with the giggles at some very long-winded round-about irish-accented joke he was telling that i’d butcher if i tried to recreate it here. one of my co-workers wandered by and was concerned, because in my on-the-floor-giggling state i apparently looked like i was in pain. i was in pain, but only that wonderful rib-aching laughing kind that we could all stand to suffer from a bit more often.

5) i got to chat through three different states (geographical!) and a tunnel with rumhann, which was like being on a virtual road trip (all the rambling yapperificness but while lounging about all stretched out on the couch with the phone instead of twisting in car-seats with what my mom calls “butt-itis”) and would have been kick-ass enough by itself…

6) but also he started trying to explain some scientific theory about one-way mirroring the inside of a non-euclidean three-dimentional space and trapping laser light in it & the laser light getting caught in a nearly-infinite loop & i have no idea whether a single bit of that story (& i’ve oversimplified b/c it’s not my theory & he might yet make a million dollars out of getting it to work… or at least a light-saber) would work at all, but now my head is deliciously full of coherent light-waves and glow-strings and mirrors and madly bouncing science, and i love that!

& 7) “for a secret”–it isn’t, really, but y’all are tired of reading anyway. 🙂

i figure, at this rate, i’m set for a week!




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4 10 2004

Wow…reading about your great day even made me happy, so it looks like #8 for you can be spreading joy…by the way, chocolate milk in coffee sounds heavenly – I’m going to have to try that one day when I’m in dire need of of a serious pick-me-up.

5 10 2004

Only the good things
Thank you for that post! It reminds me of the importance of holding on to the good things AND good people that we take for granted. When someone blows their horn and yells at me in traffic (happened yesterday), I find myself thinking, “my day is ruined.” (isn’t that awful?) It seems much harder somehow to think, “my day is made!” Today I will look for things to “make,” rather than “break” my day. Thank you cheerful, little northern-dwelling elf. 🙂

4 10 2004

*clears throat* . . .
No grumbling mention of New England‘s composition?

4 10 2004

Re: *clears throat* . . .
this is york, england.
yay, york england!
i’m in NEW york, which had damn fscking well be in NEW fscking england because i’m NOT MOVING again to anywhere this FSCKING cold EVER again!
(>sigh< unless we don't cut out this stupid war shit & the only expatriation i can afford is in canadia)
anyway, this was supposed to be the list of the GOOD things about my day. you ruining my delusions about enjoying new england falls was just fine left out of it, thanks. ::pout::

5 10 2004

Go Tyra! Now we all have giggling infinite loop light bouncing around with and irish accent in our heads as well. Thanks for sharing the great day.

6 10 2004

You’re thirty!?!?! Dear gods, time does fly, doesn’t it?
And that post did put a smile on my face and make my day a bit happier. And the chocolate milk in coffee sounds great! If I could just get chocolate heavy cream, I’d be set! 🙂

6 10 2004

young profs
So I’m not trying to snow on your happy parade… but this semester the professor teaching my Law & Sexuality class at UCLA law school is only 25 years old!!

6 10 2004

Re: young profs
silly critter.
that’s not snow!
all that means is that he/she went straight directly through school while *i* spent 6 years outside of the academy teaching & living & learning in other places. besides, i’m not all proud of BEING young, just of being so easily mistakeable! i don’t get carded so often as i used to anymore (although i’m guessing that’s as much a matter of the company i keep as anything), so it’s nice to know that blending in bars isn’t the same as giving “grown up” vibes (icth!) in other venues.

7 10 2004

I got about half-way through reading about all these little things that made your day many days, and I suddenly got all sappy and realized that I miss you terribly! I even have presents for you, and a sealed and stamped anniversary card that has no address on it (I’ve misplaced your address), but time slips by so fast that I don’t realize that these things have slipped my mind repeatedly for a few months already. but the important thing is that YOU certainly have not slipped my mind, and I’d really like to fly on up for a visit some weekend before the weather hits. is there a weekend in November that might be good for you? or maybe i’ll wait till it’s prime snowboarding season up there and take advantage of that for an afternoon while I’m visiting. regardless, i wish I could hop on a plane and come see you right now! Tell your sweetie pie hubby that I say hello too:)

17 10 2004

i meant to reply to this the day the e-mail notice crossed my desk, & lost all track. grr! thank you for getting sappy about us! and having presents for us! (addy’s 111 avondale pl., syracuse ny, 13210) & wanting to come see us! we’d SO love to have you! we’ve actually been having some lovely fall adventures lately that it would have been fabu to have you along for, although from what you’re posting it looks like you’re keeping plenty busy yourself! 🙂
as for november, i think ty’s folks are coming up the weekend that’s the mid-teens of the month (13th? 15th? whatever…), & that’s the only one actually taken on our calendar. so if you want to hang out w/the funny older o’bryans too, that would be the weekend to do it, otherwise you’re just as welcome any other!
you might be kidding yourself about that whole “before the weather hits” thing, though. it usually starts snowing here before october’s out, & although it doesn’t get UNBROKENLY nightmarish ’til january, any weekend thereafter may or may not be all white & shivery. but we can build snowmen & make cocoa & then play cards by the fire, too, so don’t let that deter you! 🙂
sweetie pie hubby can’t wait to see you either!

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