11 10 2004

looks like we lost superman.

i’ll let somebody else be eulogistic about it.  so much folds in on itself when i even try.  the theme song & the marching band.  i don’t even know which radio song to say i’m listening to… i can come up w/4 or 5 good superman ballads off the top of my head…

and the theory geeks are weeping too, for one of their  supermen.  i can’t say much about that either.  i can’t even read the man’s work, although i’m wont to blame his translators.  the complaining i usually do seems irreverent.  

there will be woe at work for both endings.




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11 10 2004

I don’t think I can handle anymore news about deaths. I didn’t even realize that Derrida had died or was sick. I remember Superman well and fondly. Also Janet Leigh and Rodney Dangerfield. And to top it off, a friend found out her mom may have a rare degenerative nerve disease (not a VA Tech person but a Houston friend), aanndd another friend (again not a VA Tech person) just went to a funeral of a woman who had committed suicide. Too many sad things…Thank God for my little nephews and neice, with their bright, shining eyes, and thank God for all my friends both LJ and non-LJ, who are hopefully maintaining their sanity.

11 10 2004

that’s a lot of bad things to happen to different people. to me, it always seems like these things happen in waves, for whatever reason. it really bothered me that christopher reeve died, along with janet leigh. it’s weird when someone who’s been on tv and feels like a part of your life dies. and derrida dying was a complete surprise to me on sat. he hid his cancer, so i was unaware he was even ill, even though derrida’s name is uttered in our household at least once a day. steve was quite sad about that, though, as derrida is one of his heroes.
ah, such is life. i hope that you’re doing well in the midst of all this bad stuff, and i’m sending lots of good thoughts and wishes your way.

11 10 2004

There is a very nice epitaph by Dom over at Megatokyo:
Oh, and RIP Christopher Reeve, who once made us believe that a man could fly, and spent the later years of himself convincing us that a man could walk.

11 10 2004

As for Derrida, it’s sort of a nice theory: In your writing is evident all the culture you are made of, and so all the culture those who made you are made of, and so on back to the beginning. It’s the bits about being able to systematically identify all the symbols of all that culture that gets a little wacky.
Some might claim this is an oversimplification. Derrida, having been recently deconstructed himself, would offer no arguement.

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