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21 10 2004

[2011 edit: in the image that was originally posted here, which isn’t available online, Luann of the comic strip says goodbye to Aaron Hill, the character she’s had a crush on for all 20+ years of junior high, because she’s moving away, and he kisses her goodbye.]

if you want an explanation, i can try, but i’ll have to channel me-at-fifteen-or-so to do it, and that might be scarier than it’s worth. susan danewitz would connect the dots by commenting about aaron hill that “he has a small nose.” & i never drew a scroll, although i cross-stitched a drum-design, wrote reams of notes and sappy poetry and fill-in-the-blank quizzes (way before memes on lj, thanks!), & made over the years probably a sleeve’s worth of friendship bracelets!




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21 10 2004

AND you’re listening to bryan adams! hee!

21 10 2004

nah. i lied about the bryan adams. that’s the song i danced w/jimmy to @ prom. 🙂

21 10 2004

that’s not a lie…
just means you’re listening to it on the radio in your head. i do that pretty frequently. 🙂

21 10 2004

I can feel puberty coming back…
Luann was my favorite comic strip during my teenage angst years…I identified with her inability to get the cute guy and reveled in her success when she finally did…then I’d start to cry because I was overwhelmed by hormones and knew that it was just a stupid comic strip. Ahhh…the memories…

21 10 2004

Re: I can feel puberty coming back…
“just” nothin’!
he’s moving AWAY. to HAWAII. she’s never going to SEE him again!!!
it’s the sweetest goodbye kiss ever in the whole world of stupid hormonal teen-angst comic strips!!!

21 10 2004

Re: I can feel puberty coming back…
Wow…I didn’t realize the depth of the importance in the goodbye…oh man, I think I’m gonna start crying, because my first boyfriend (in kindergarten) moved to Hawaii, too. DAMN YOU, HAWAII!!!

21 10 2004

I once wrote a guide for a gf titled “Susan’s Body, Susan’s Self.” (That she required an illustrated guide speaks volumes…that she still didn’t get speaks entire LIBRARIES)…

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